How to Set Up Autofill in Google Chrome

You can put a stop to typing your personal information over and over again without help from Chrome. It will be amazing now that you figured out that you can reduce the stress of typing in your contact information over again. The next step is how can I set it up?

Autofill makes browser interesting and has been a wonderful experience that shows up while making use of your chrome browser to research for keywords. It seems to be a minor feature you would ever think of till you get to know the importance. Autofill helps you to store data such as your name, address, telephone number, and so on, in your browser. Some cases that will require some of this information will prompt which Autofill will help you to fill it in as fast as possible.


The fact that this feature is quite useful does not clear it from being risky. Yes! Google Chrome will help you store not only your contact; as well as your credit card numbers, including the card’s expiration date and the CW code. But is that the best option for you?

But be careful of where you store your details because if it were to be in a business work computer, mind you there are several hands working with the system which means that your data can be accessed.

Over to the steps to how to set up Autofill in Google Chrome

  • Open the chrome browser and click on the chrome at the upper-right of the browser.
  • Select settings. The settings page will appear like thisSet Up Autofill in Google Chrome
  • Now navigate to the bottom and click on show advanced settings.
  • Navigate further until you get to passwords and forms.
  • Now click on Manage Autofill settings tab.
  • To add your contact, click on the Add New Street Address button. A dialogue box will appear in figure 1.
  • Fill in the details you want to store. You decide what you want to store; that is, they are all optional. Now it is in your hands to decide what information you want available for Autofill.
  • Click OK!

N/B: you can as well store any number with different addresses.


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