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Chrome has a lot of plugins, also known as extensions. These Plugins For Chrome gives more web productivity. Some of the most useful chrome plugins available from the chrome web store include:Plugins For Chrome - More Web Productivity - Google Plugins For Chrome

List of Best Plugins For Chrome

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is one of the plugins for chrome available in the content blocking space. It has a user-to-user interface. Furthermore, it has tools for users who want to dive deeper into individual scrips. This plugin for chrome is generally considered the best chrome plugin for wide-spectrum content.

HTTPS Everywhere

In addition to the above, this is used for strengthening online privacy and security. This plugin for chrome switches thousands of sites from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS. And also protects users from surveillance, account hijacking, and even some forms of censorship.

Above all, HTTPS Everywhere makes sure its users’ internet browsing is encrypted, from start to finish. ensuring your ISP cannot spy into your web browsing.

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Click and Clean

Thirdly, Click and Clean enable users to defend their own online security. It expands chrome’s cookie management routine. A simple click deletes the unwanted cookies as well as cache and browsing history.

Privacy Badger

A user uses the privacy badger to gain more privacy and security.  Therefore disabling tracking tools and conceal data. Privacy Badger gives a clear indication of whatever content is blocked. It has a user-friendly interface.

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Edit this Cookie

This plugin for chrome is a cookie manager that allows you to add, delete, edit, search, protect, and block cookies. For persons who frequently switch browsers or computers, it is necessary they export their cookies to track their login status across all their favorite sites. Its interface is easy to use.


The OneTab plugin condenses all hitherto open tabs into a page of links. These links appear each time you open a new tab, giving you the option of reopening the whole window or just a few tabs. This saves a lot of RAM for the system.

A quick tab based to-do list is made obtainable with OneTab.

The Camelizer

Camelizer shows a product’s historical pricing data. This is shown through graphs of previous prices. The prices are shown on Amazon’s product page. This reveals whether a product is truly on sale or if there is an increase in price. The Camelizer however doesn’t work with other retailer’s websites.

Enhancer for YouTube

This has many options for theming and functionality.  Therefore, this plugin for chrome has more than a dozen selectable dark-mode themes. It blocks ads instantly and videos can be maximized within a browser window; this can take the whole screen without going into full-screen mode.


Find and Replace

This offers a Microsoft Word-style find and replace function for chrome users. This helps users who write long-form text messages on the web. Such messages can thus be composed on chrome rather than using other options. In short, It is the best chrome plugin for writers.

Finally, I guess this article was helpful in helping you choose the best plugins for your Chrome browser. Meanwhile, If you are having any question, do feel free to drop your comment with us in our comment box