Telefonica UK Limited is known as O2. It provides the service of telecommunication in the U.K. In the U.K it is the second-largest mobile provider. If you have heard of O2 then I’m sure you’re familiar with their interesting unique gaming platform. When you play the game, you win a surprise from O2. The game is engaging and simple, it’s a duck game. Now, that’s exciting.WIN SURPRISES FROM O2 BY PLAYING A GAME

The O2 Surprises are unlimited, and there are different surprises available for the customers. There are two categories of the game; silver and gold.

The silver category requires a player to top up the game for 10-pounds. For the gold category, the player is required to top up the game with 15-pounds.

This is only to play the game once and the more you play, the more you win surprises. There is a chance that if you play more than once, you will get better chances to win the best surprises that O2 is giving away.


For more information, you can visit the web page More details on how to go about are given below.


The requirements required to win the O2 Surprises are given below:

  • You must have a stable internet connection.
  • You are required to be an O2 network user for your mobile phone.
  • For participation in the silver game, you are required to top up the game with 10-pounds.
  • If you want to compete in the gold game then for that, you are required to top up the game with 15-pounds.

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All they have to do is play a game and win surprises. The game to be played is a duck game, and it is very simple and very interesting.

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To win O2 surprises, you will have to follow the steps given below.

  • You can call 4444 to top up the game.
  • You can also top up the game use your debit or your credit card by visiting the web page
  • After a few times of top-up, you will receive a unique code from the O2 Surprises.
  • If you have topped up using 10-pounds, then select the option of Play Silver.
  • If you have topped up using 15-pounds, then select the option of Play Gold.
  • You will have to enter the unique code that you received on the next page along with your mobile phone number then click on the option of Play.
  • You will have to choose a duck. You will have to aim and shoot water using the pistol using your mouse. After the game your O2 Surprises will appear on the screen you will have to leave a name and address to receive the surprises.

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