Permanent Residence Green Card – How to Apply For US Green Card

Traveling in the United States is cool but having a permanent residence is the best. Are you planning on moving over to the United States, with residence permits? Then this article is for you.  This article will guide you through the process of securing your US permanent residence or US green card.Permanent Residence Green Card

Getting all the information in this article will help you prepare your mind for what is ahead. So many people embark on the journey of traveling to the United States without the proper information. Most of them get stalled. Some even face deportation due to poor information.

Permanent Residence Green Card in the United States

 USCIS office is the body responsible for the issuance of visas or permanent residence in the United States. They are now open to the public.

I want to bring to your notice that all permanent resident/Green Card applicants can now apply. Though it might take time due to the spread of COVID-19.

So please don’t travel to the United States if you have or you have been around so much that have had COVID-19 in the past 14 days. This might jeopardize your chances.  That is to say, you’re advised not to travel to the United States with somebody that is sick.

You also have to stay home for 14 days from the time you return from international travel.

Also, you are advised not to go to work or school for the complete 14 days.

It is also wise that you do not take public transportation such as taxis or subways, or ride-share all through these 14 days.

US green card

Millions and millions of foreign nationals a scrambling to Make their stay in the United States permanent. Every one of them are actually exploring their option.

When you are applying for your permanent residency, you will in turn be applying for a US Green Card application. This is proof that the holder is a lawful permanent resident.

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 How to get US Green Cards

There are two simple ways to get US Green Card. Below are the two most common ways of obtaining permanent residence in the United States.

There might be other options but these two are the basic ones.

  • Family sponsorship
  •  Employment-based green cards

 Family sponsorship

 This is for those that have relatives leaving the United States. Do you have any family members living in the United States? Then you may be eligible to get sponsorship or be sponsored to get a US green card.

With this sponsorship visa in the US, this sponsored individual can now walk and live in the United States.

This is after you have filled out the necessary documents required.

I would like to inform you here not all family sponsorship visa applicants are still being accepted and processed.

How do I mean? Family members of the US or lawful permanent residents can be allowed to cross into the United States through this visa. The applicant just has to ensure that he or she Does not show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

I will repeat it here again, in short, the applicant is not sick.

 How to know if you are eligible for family sponsorship?

The situation varies. you may be eligible to apply for US green cards using a family-based petition. This is where you are having a relative in the United States as a citizen or permanent resident. It is sometimes called US lawful permanent resident or LPR.

With this US lawful permanent resident setting, family members can be eligible to sponsor or petition you for a Green card. The situation varies.

Employment-based green cards.

This visa is issued only when you are unable to secure a temporary or permanent job in the US. You can only apply if your employer is willing to petition you for this permanent resident. The officials will have to cross-check to see if you are qualified or eligible to get this US green card through employment.

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This is one of the most reliable ways to get a US green card. Mostly for those that don’t have family members in the United States.

 How to know if you are eligible for an employment-based green card?

It is possible to secure a US employer who will be willing to petition you for permanent residence. Yes!

But the applicants In this case are usually already in the US on the 5th temporary work visa such as an L1 visa or an H-1B visa.

It will be surprising for you to note that a lot of people are granted visas to come to the United States for work every year. Yes, you wanted 140,000 immigrants visa available each year for newcomers to seek immigration. But this is based on their job skills.

Everyone that has the skills education, work experience, And otherwise is eligible. this application will grant you access to living in the US permanently.

This group can applicants employment-based visas which can also be called EB visas.

Would that be all? Not at all. It will require you to feel an I-140 application to the service center located in your tradition in the place of your employment.

I would like to state here that you cannot obtain a US green card outside of the United States.

 Types of employment-based visa

There are different types of employment-based petitions.

EB-1 priority worker

EB-2 professionals and business of exceptional ability

EB-3 skilled and unskilled workers I’m professionals

EB-4 certain special immigrants

EB-5 immigrant investors

 How to apply for an EB visas

There are four simple steps to obtaining EB visas. Remember these is visas that are obtained by US employers to successfully petition if foreign worker to become a US permanent residence.

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These steps are:

  1. Employer or agent obtains a labor certification approval
  2. Employers face petition with USCIS
  3. USCIS sends a petition to the national visa center NVC
  4. Immigrants apply for immigrant visas or green cards.

 Legal help for employment sponsorship

To put through the employment-based immigration procedures, there are processes you will need to go through. You don’t know what to do it could be overwhelming. Therefore you need the help of a legal expert.

This will help facilitate the opportunity to obtain a green card through employment.

don’t jeopardize your chances by attempting to do it yourself except to know what to do.

The guidance and lead Of an immigration lawyer could ease the whole process and increase your chances significantly of making the entire process a success.

 US break card eligibility

To obtain a green card, You must be eligible for any of the above-mentioned methods. That is family-based sponsorship and employment-based green card.

Check which of these categories you are qualified for. So please get your information and eligibility requirements on how to apply through any other category.

How to apply for a US green card

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