Wright Foundation Scholarship Program –W. Wright Foundation Scholarship Apply

Have you ever wanted or seek for scholarship and you are a lady precisely? The W. Wright foundation is out for those who want to attain the best higher education or complete their school program via scholarship. This program is out to make ladies study through schooling and guess what, this foundation “W. Wright foundation grants program in the US. Wright Foundation Scholarship Program

However, this foundation program is mapped out for female applicants of the US and objectives in order to help them pursue their undergraduate or post-graduate programs.

Table of content:

  • Wright Foundation Scholarship Program.
  • Deadline for the W. Wright Foundation Scholarship.
  • Sponsored Scholarship Programs of W. Wright Foundation: Scholarship for Undergraduates Students, Scholarship for Post-graduates Students, Technical School.
  • Qualifications for the W. Wright Foundation Scholarship Program.
  • Qualified Country for the W. Wright Foundation Scholarship.
  • How to Apply for the W. Wright Foundation Scholarship.
  • Benefits for the W. Wright Foundation Scholarship.

Wright Foundation Scholarship Program

The Wyvon Wright foundation known as the W. Wright foundation is a program that sticks at helping young female students to pursue that academics to the is a foundation program that aims in helping young female students who to forded their education. The foundation was established in 2016 to fulfill the wishes of the W Wright in creating a scholarship for female citizens of the United States of America.

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On a yearly basis, this foundation awards scholarships to students based on the application. The review has it that this foundation in the past has awarded between $1,000 and $10,000 to students who were selected by the board.

Deadline for the W. Wright Foundation Scholarship

Ok, this is the part you may wish to hear. The W. Wright Foundation scholarship application for the 2020 academic section is yet to be opened. Don’t be displace by this statement, continue to check on our site for further information.

N/B:  interested candidates are to check back on the W. Wright scholarship portal on April 2, 2020, for the registrations of the scholarship program.

Sponsored Scholarship Programs of W. Wright Foundation

Basically, there are about 3 types and areas of programs sponsored by the W. Wright foundation and they include:

  • Scholarship for Undergraduates.
  • Scholarship for Post-graduate Students.
  • Technical School.

Scholarship for Undergraduates Students

This is a scholarship program set out for students of undergraduate to help reduce the financial burden and prepare them for a better future.

Scholarship for post-graduate students

This is a program set to help post-graduate students for the pursuit of their advanced degrees in studies. They are interested in all credentials offered by accredited Universities.

Technical School

This program is more to skills dealings. It helps communities and individuals independently. It promotes its carrier and gives them a living.


Qualifications for W. Wright Foundation Scholarship Program

There are certain qualifications you must meet as an applicant of W. Wright foundation program and it is a list below:

  • All applicants must be female.
  • All candidates must be United States citizens.
  • All applicants must fall under a Post-graduate and undergraduate.
  • The minimum grade point average for every candidate should be at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 Scale.

Qualified Countries for the W. Wright Foundation Scholarship

The only country is eligible to apply for the scholarship program in the United States.

How to Apply for the W. Wright Foundation Scholarship

This is quite easy to do but the first step to take is to check your qualification and eligibility status for the W. Wright foundation scholarship program. Below is a guide to the process of how you can apply for the scholarship program:

  • Visit the scholarship foundation scholar program.
  • Fill out the necessary information required in the field
  • Once you are done, click on submit to process your application.


Benefits are given to students who are selected as a recipient and they will receive an award ranging from $1,000 to $5000.


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