Changing Your Name on a Credit Card | How to Do So

Changing Your Name On a Credit Card

Changing your legal name does not happen very often, so when you need to change your name on your credit card, you can use these tips to get started.

You can change your name after you marry or divorce. Some adults legally take their name or surname of their father or mother. Or some people even change the name given to them when they were born. Once you have completed the legal process of changing your name, change your name on your credit card.

Different Credit card issuers have their own requirements for changing your name on your credit card. If you need to correct the text of your name or join the middle-class, you can search the process online or quickly.

If it is a major name change, you can send documents to change your name on your credit card. The process may take a long time depending on the number of existing credit cards available to you. Before you can change your name on your credit card, you will need to legally change your name on your social security card and driver’s license.

Before calling your credit card issuer

Changing your name to your social security card requires you to visit the Social Security Department. Before going, fill completely the application for obtaining a social security card. Replace your original application and ID, and contact the Social Security Department to complete the process. The name change act includes the marriage certificate, the decree of divorce, the citizenship card, or your new name or court order. You also need to verify your identity with your previous name, for example, a driver’s license.

Within a few weeks, you will receive a new Social Security Card with your updated name and previous social security number.

Once you’ve changed your name to your “Social Security” card, you can change the name on your driver’s license. Go to the DMV closest to you. Go with your documents with your change of name, the old driver’s license you have, and your renewed social security card.

Changing Your Name On a Credit Card

Change your name on your credit card

Once you have officially changed your name. You can apply to credit card issuers to change your credit card name. Once you have completed the process, your credit card issuer will send you a new credit card with a new name for your card.

The credit card issuer can issue online instructions for changing your name on your credit card if it is possible.  Changing your name online is possible at American Express. You can fill in the new name and submit a copy of your new identification, such as a new driver license. If you live near the Bank of America, you must contact the Bank of America Financial Center or your customer service with your photo identification and additional documentation provided by your government.

Your personal information does not affect your credit score, so your credit will not be affected by your changing your credit card name.

To begin the process, you can call the number behind the credit. Ensure you are ready to send copies of your documents by mail, fax or mail to complete a request for a change in your name.

Changing the name on your credit card will not change anything about your credit card account. You will retain the same account, credit limit, balance, and all other credit card information.

Change your name to a credit report

You do not have to inform credit bureaus that have changed your name. When your creditors update their credit information, your new name will be forwarded to credit bureaus along with other information. Your name reflects other types of your name in the Personal Information section of your credit report.

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