iReady Login For Student Guide: Study At Your Leisure With iReady

Sometimes we might feel pressured to bend the rules of our teachers within a confined classroom. You always long for something more flexible.  If you want to learn on your own terms; or you’re preparing for an exam but want to have a practical experience of what the exam will look like beforehand.

Then iReady is for you. iReady is an online educational platform. They provide valuable learning resources, as well as tests and other monitoring and reporting tools for students. With this, students are able to keep an eye on their progress and adapt their learning to their needs.

To log in to iReady account online, click this Link

You can easily access these services online through the iReady login platform.What’s more, you can access iReady using any internet enabled device. So you can study anywhere, anytime you like.

This article will provide a detailed guide on how to use the iReady login platform, so you can easily access your iReady account and take advantage of the learning resources. You will also get to learn about a few troubleshooting tips, in case the login procedure doesn’t work as it should.

iReady Login For Student Guide

The following sections of this article will describe the iReady login steps in detail. The section covers the iReady login procedure for computers. Skip to the following section if you would like to see how the sign process works on a mobile device.

iReady Login Page on your desktop

  • Open theiReady login portal page, on your browser. You can also reach the iReady student portal through the main website, www.curriculum
  • If you choose to open the iReady student portal through the associates website, click on the orange button on the right marked “i-Ready user log in”. This button will bring you to the page.
  • On the left of the page, you’ll see the login menu on the left of the screen. Begin by typing your iReady username in the first blank field of the login menu
  • Type your iReady password in the second field
  • Lastly, choose your state from the drop-down menu below the password field.
  • Once you have entered all your iReady login details, click the “Go” button to complete the procedure and access your account.

iReady Login Guide for Mobile Devices

This e-learning platform was built for both teachers and students to easily access a variety of learning tools. So, as expected, they’ve made it so that you can reach the learning portal using a mobile device as well. Below are the steps for the iReady mobile login procedure:

  • Visit the iReady login page at or through the associates website.
  • Write your iReady login credentials in the right spaces, just as you would on your computer.
  • Tap the “Go” button to enter your account.

iReady Login Troubleshooting

  • If you are having trouble remembering your iReady login details, you can click on the blue “Forgot Username or Password?” link found just next to the orange “Go!” button in the login box, under the empty data fields on this page.
  • Once you click on this link, you will be brought to the password and username recovery menu. Once there, you’ll notice there are two options, one for students, and one for teachers.
  • If you are a student and you cannot remember your iReady login data, you can get in touch with a teacher to recover this details.
  • If you are a teacher, you will have to choose the second option. To recover your username, you will have to select this option from the menu. Then, write your email address in the field that pops up. This needs to be the email address you used when you created your iReady account.
  • To recover a lost password, first, select the normal option in the iReady recovery menu. You will then have to mention your email address, username, and state as well. This should allow you to recover or reset your iReady password.

iReady Support Team

For any issue with the iReady login page or procedure that you cannot solve yourself, contact the iReady support team. You can send them an email with your problem at i-readysupport@ You can also give them a call at 800-225-0248. For more help, visit the Support page at

IReady Login Useful Information

IReady is a web-based e-learning platform that provides teachers and students with important online learning and teaching tools and resources. You can read more about the available iReady products, platform, and tools by visiting the official iReady web page,  associates sites.

If you already have an iReady account, you can find useful tips and how-to’s on the iReady Central website, For further details about iReady products and tools, you can contact a help person. In the Contact Us page at associates, you’ll find all the contact options you need.

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