www.myindigocard.com – Activate and login guide

Are you an Indigo Platinum Mastercard User? Are you looking for where to activate and register your card? If yes, I have good news for you.www.myindigocard.com – Activate and login guide

Kindly visit www.myindigocard.com to activate, register and login to your credit card account online.

This site gives users the opportunity to monitor their account through internet. The site is secure and fast.

My indigo Card Activate New Cardholders

You may have received Indigo Card in your mail? If yes, this is what you must do before using it. New Indigo Platinum Card must be activated first before use.

This is the easiest and fastest way to activate your card. Visit www.myindigocard.com. Once you open the site, click on Activate Your Card link.

If you are a first timer, you must register your new card first. The registration will enable you activate the card. To complete the online registration form, click on the Register link. As you click on it, enter the following details:

  • Credit card account number (it must be the way it is on your credit card).
  • Enter your date of birth in this format, month/day/year
  • Enter your Social Security Number
  • Set up your security questions
  • Create your login credentials (username and password)
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As soon as you get registered, you will be taken to Myindigo Card Activation process. Then, you can begin to use your account.

Username and Password Troubleshooting

Do you have any problem accessing my indigo card. Maybe, you have lost your login credentials? Don’t panic. Kindly visit troubleshooting help through the Forgot Username or Password link on the page.

It is possible to reset your password. Better still, you can ask for your user name from a form which has similar information to retrieve your login pass codes.

You will enter your user name if you want to reset your password. Also, you will enter the last 4 digits of your account number, ssn and date of birth. For User name resetting, enter your email address, last 4 digits of your account number, ssn and date of birth.

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Online Payment Via MyIndigoCard.com Login

We have four major ways to make payments on your credit card account. The four ways are: online service, phone, Money gram and personal money order by mail. The easiest among the four for cardholders is online service.

Another good option is Genesis Indigo site. Through this site, you can submit your monthly credit card payment. It is very easy, fast and convenient. All you need is network service on your home computer, mobile device and smartphone to explore this option.

You can easily store your personal bank account routing and account number inside your My Indigo Login. You will use this every month for your payment. Your payments can be debited from your checking or savings account electronically.

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Pay By Phone/Mail/money gram

Money gram Payment Info

Company Name: Genesis FS Card Service

Receive Code: 4911

The mailing address for payment sent by mail is:

Genesis FS Card Service

PO Box 4477

Beaverton, or 97076-4477

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