How to change Goddady Email Password Guide

After setting up your Godaddy email, your password becomes one of the most protected data. To put it straight, you must devise a means of safeguarding your email password or else it could be compromised. What now happens when you detect that your device has been attracted by malware that steals logging details like your password? This is where you will need the ‘how to change GoDaddy email password’ guide comes handy.

To avoid losing your email account and the account details, the guide below will teach you how to safely change your email password to suit you and keep your details safe as well. The process of changing your email password is simple. After now, changing your Godaddy email password should be a regular for you to avoid external invasion.

How to change Goddady Email Password

To change  your email password, you will need to:

  1. Run your browser and visit your Godaddy email account
  2. Click on your ‘Settings button in the toolbar.
  3. Click more settings in the menu that shows up.
  4. Open the Account Tab.
  5. Next, enter yours for Godaddy email password that you think comprised.
  6. With that done, you can then enter your new password. Ensure that the password is strong and something you can remember always
  7. Enter the new password in the second space provided.
  8. Then click save.

How to How to change Goddady Email Password for Godaddy webmail Classic

For those that using Godaddy webmail classic, the guide below will help you secure and change your Godaddy Webmail classic Password:

  • On the Godaddy webmail classic bar, click on the Settings gear
  • From the menu, click on ’Personal Settings”
  • Open the tab.
  • Now, enter your Godaddy old password
  • In the space below, enter the new and secure Godaddy Email Password.
  • Repeat the password again in the following space.
  • Then click ok button to save.