It is quite necessary to regularly change the Gmail password on one’s Android device or an iPhone. The process is easy and a good one at that for security purposes. In cases where a Gmail account has been hacked or a person just wants to change the password for personal reasons, the following would help;HOW TO CHANGE THE GMAIL PASSWORD


  1. Log into Gmail 1,
  2. Click or tap on the menu button
  3. Select Settings
  4. Tap your Gmail address on the Settings screen
  5. Select Manage your Google Account
  6. Tap Personal Info on the Google Account screen
  7. Tap password
  8. Type your current Gmail password, then tap Next
  9. Enter desired new password twice: The first one in the New password field and again in the Confirm new password field
  10. Tap change password to complete the process


  1. Open the Gmail app and log in
  2. Tap the menu button represented by three horizontal lines, located in the upper left corner
  3. When the menu appears, scroll to the bottom and select Settings
  4. Tap your Google email address, which is located near the top of the Setting screen
  5. In the Account section, select Manage your Google Account
  6. On the Google Account screen, tap security
  7. In the signing into Google section, tap password
  8. Type your current Gmail password, then tap Next
  9. Enter your new password twice: In the New password field and again in the confirm new password field
  10. Tap change password. A confirmation screen shows that the password has been changed. The process is thus complete.
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When a person forgets his or her current Gmail password, then he cannot change to a new one because you are asked for your current password before making any changes. In this case, the person carries out a “Recover your Gmail password” process. This entails;

  1. One should already have a secondary email address specified to the Gmail account
  2. Open the Gmail and enter your email address
  3. On the Gmail login screen, select “forget password”
  4. A number of questions would be asked to confirm you as the owner of the Account.
  5. On confirmation that the Account belongs to you, Gmail logs you into the Account.
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Changing one’s email password regularly is important to protect your information from hackers and keep your messages secure.

However, all Google products use the same account information. On changing your Gmail password, you are invariably changing your Google account password. This means you would have to log in with the new password when using Google products such as YouTube, Google Photos, and Google Maps.

For one who has been a victim of password theft or just worried that someone else might be using your Gmail account possibly because you left it logged in a public computer, the following would be helpful:

  • Sign out of all Gmail sessions
  • Verify that you recognize the people or services that may be or have accessed the Gmail account
  • Enable Gmail 2-step authentication for additional protection.


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