How to make a Tassel out of Yarn

Yarn tassel actually adds some level of beauty to your clothing, Halloween costumes, for home décor and so on. How to make a tassel out of yarn simply means the steps to make yarn tassel. What is a tassel?Tassel


A tassel is a bell-like bunch of entangled threads onto which at one end protrudes a cord on which the tassel is hung. It is designed to have some part of dangling threads and on the other side, have loose. Often time, the tassel is used for decoration of garment along the bottom and also in curtains making.

To some, the tassel is a kind of bur used in dressing cloth, a tin plate of gold on the back of a bishop’s gloves. A narrow silk ribbon placed in-between books as it is sewed to the book.

Tassel is a finishing feature in fabric and in clothing decoration. It is most in use by the Jew.  This is because it is more like an ornament.

Yarn tassel

Yarn tassel is a way of adding a finishing beauty touch to knitting and crochet projects. Within a short period, yarn tassels can effect an attractive touch to your clothing. Below are the simple steps to making a smooth nice tassel.

  1. Wrap yarn around the cardboard. Continue wrapping until you get to a sizeable value of what you want.
  2. With tapestry needle, you can slip the piece of yarn of approximately 12 to 18 long between the wrapped yarn and the cardboard and then tie a tight knot.
  3. Cut ends of yarn and remove from cardboard.
  4. Cut an additional piece of yarn of about 6 to 8 long and then tie around the top of the tassel.
  5. Trim or shape the ends of the tassel equally.
  6. Attach it to the work (Dress, curtains, etc.

The material used in making a Yarn Tassel

  • Yarn scraps
  • Postcards or cardboard as much as your desired length of the tassel.
  • Scissors
  • Crochet hook or tapestry needle
  • Sometimes, wooden beads. (If you desire to use).

Note: while making the wrap of yarn, the more you wrap will determine the size of the tassel. So you can wrap the yarn over and over again.


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