Record Screen – How to Record Your Windows 10 Screen, Mac, Linux, Android, or iPhone Screen

What this trying to talk about is how you can actually make a video of what is going on in front of your home screen? It is quite different from making a screenshot of your home screen. It is more to like video recording in order to make a real point across.Record Screen - How to Record Your Windows 10 Screen, Mac, Linux, Android, or iPhone Screen

Video is more likely to be real than the capture of an image because it contains full details of how things are been done and is done.

Yes! It is true that Screenshots are great, but sometimes you need to create a video recording to really get your point across. You can put a record of your computer’s desktop, your smartphone’s screen, or even your tablet’s display. Doing this video also gives you a video file just like other video files in your device and you can do whatever you want to do with it.

You can as well upload it to any social platform such as YouTube share as an email to your friends. This really helps us out to explain some certain things especially when you put together a video tutorial or to just capture an online event for documentation.

For Windows: how to record your windows 10 screen

Windows 10 has an inbuilt tool for recording your screen. So don’t think you are going to install anything all you need is to use the GameDVR tools and make a quick desktop recording.

Record Screen

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Here’s how to capture your computer screen using the built-in tools in Windows and macOS as well as a couple of third-party screen capture apps

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To record your Mac’s screen, open the QuickTime app and click File> New Screen Recording. You can then click on the small menu to the right of

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It’s well hidden, but Windows 10 has its own built-in screen recorder, intended for recording games. To find it, open the pre-installed Xbox app …

The naming of this tool does not limit it to the central idea as you may think. It can record anything you desire to and not just games as you may think.

For Windows 7 users, there is an advanced screencast order than GameDVR. We recommend you use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). It is a powerful and open-source tool that allows you to do a whole lot that GameDVR instead.

Stuffs like; insert watermarks, embed a video of the webcam while capturing your desktop can be done or even capture multiple windows at once and then place them on the positions that you want them to be. Most times, OBS is widely used for streaming video games on because it is so powerful and it works just well for creating professional-onscreen video for your desktop. If you then want to go for even more capable streaming software that has editing features, you can go for Camtasia.

This does not just record the screen but also has powerful editing tools as well. But it not just cheap but you can try a free trial so you can test it before you buy it.

For MacOS

MacOS also offers a convenient and in-built screen recording tool. This onscreen recording tool has become “the most useful function of our time”. It is just more like a media player. It is one of the useful functions in the Quick Time application.

So if you want to record your Mac’s screen, just open the Quick Time application and click on the file. And proceed to New screen Recording. After that, you can drag on the little menu to the right of the Record button and select whether you want to capture audio from the microphone in the video too.

It equally allows you to record alongside your actions. Click the record button to start as long as you are ready.

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Once you bounce of Record button, the QuickTime will minimize itself to a small icon on the right side of your menu bar and start recording.  When you want to stop recording, you can click on the stop. Just like Camtasia in windows, QuickTime also edits video, thereby trimming out any unnecessary scene.

If you wish to go for something more powerful, you may want to try out OPEN BROADCAST SOFTWARE (OBS). It is not just designed for windows alone; it also works for Mac too.

Or should in case you want something more powerful, you can check out Camtasia which provides powerful screen recording and video editing tools. Just as I said earlier, it is not at all cheap.

For Android

For android, it is quite very different from others. It requires you to download an application in order to record your screen and also through different other methods. But the easiest way is to get the AZ Screen Recorder which has screen recording features.

This app has a ton that allows you to control the quality of the video, add watermark, record voice along or even record video from the camera as well.

Alternatively, Android also allows you to capture a video of your device’s display via the ADB command when you connect your Android to your computer, but the truth is that AZ Screen Recorder is more convenient.

For iPhone or iPad

For the iPhone or iPad, there are about two ways you can perform a screen record. The first one requires Mac while the second can be done on a Windows PC.

Apple offers a convenient, official way to record an iPhone or iPad’s screen. It does this by allowing Mac to run OS X Yosemite or newer along with an iPhone and iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 8 or newer.

this feature is only available for Mac users. Its intend was for developers to capture their apps in action, and iOS developers will need to have Macs anyway.

This can work when you have a Mac and an iPhone or iPad, then you have to connect your iPhone or iPad to Mac and make use of the QuickTime application to capture its screen.


As usual, select File and move to New Movie Recording. Then drag the menu button close to the record button and select the connected iOS instead of your Mac’s in-built webcam.

But if you don’t have a Mac, you can as well use Airplay mirroring software like the free Lonely-Screen tool to view your iPhone or iPad’s screens on your computer’s desktop and record it using any Windows screen capture tool.

For Linux

When it comes to Linux, there are just a few open-source screen-recording applications for Linux. But actually you can find s many of them if you dig into your Linux distribution’s package manager and make a quick search. You can as well do this with ffmpeg and other commands from the terminal assuming you are into such.

One of the most popular and longest-standing open-source tools for this is recordMyDesktop. No, you can install this software from Ubuntu Software center or your Linux distribution’s package management interface of choice.

However, to make use of this screen record tool, launch recordMyDesktop and choose video and audio quality levels you want to use.

This tool can record your entire desktop or just a small portion of it as you want it. RecordMyDesktop works by providing a simple interface alongside with the most important desktop-recording options.

If you want something more powerful, check out Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). It’s available for Linux as well as Windows and MacOS.

You can live-stream your desktop instead of recording it, too. On a desktop PC or laptop, OBS works very well for live-streaming or live-stream your desktop straight from VLC.

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