Uber App For Windows – Android and IOS

The name uber is gradually gaining popularity and will soon become a well-known brand across the globe. The ridesharing app was founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. In this article, we shall be discussing uber and how you can download the uber app for windows.Uber App For Windows

Meaning of Uber App

Uber is a peer – to peer ridesharing taxi, and transport network app. It’s fast and reliable and operate 24\7.  With the uber app, there is no need for you to wait for taxi lines or complain that your taxi didn’t show up on time. The uber app offers you a lot of low-cost features and many flexible payment options. A rider has to pay for the fare before requesting a ride.

In addition, Prices vary based on distance and the time of the day. The basic service offered by the Uber app is “driving with uber” and “riding with uber”. The later is for riders, while the formal is for partners interested in leasing cars for uber services. In addition, they also offer food and restaurant services. Our main focus shall be on “driving with uber”. You can check my previous post to know more about how u can partner with uber.

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How to download the uber App for Windows, IOS and Android

You can download the uber app via the following links:




Requesting your Uber

No matter where you are going uber covers it all. Are you going to the airport? An occasion in town? Uber is always available. Requesting for a ride with Uber is very simple. Just follow the steps below

  • After sign up
  • Open the app
  • Enter your destination address in the “Where to?” box.
  • Click on “CONFIRM PICKUP”.
  • Go through the list of vehicle options available in your area. pick one to select it for your ride.
  • select “CONFIRM [vehicle option].” You will still be asked to confirm your pickup location again.
  • Wait for a while and the app will match you with a driver.
  • .Once a driver accepts your request, the estimated time for the driver to arrive will be displayed on the map.
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To know if the service is available in your city kindly visit the uber help page.

Uber App for Windows

No matter where you are going uber covers it all. Requesting for a ride with an Uber app for windows is very simple. Just follow the steps   below


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