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What can you create with Microsoft excel? Microsoft Excel is a software designed for data visualization and analysis tool developed by Microsoft. Can you believe that it now runs over your android device, iOS, MacOS, and Windows devices! This is yet a tool you should cherish as long as you are into data management. With Microsoft Excel, you can edit, create, view, and easily share data with excel spreadsheets. Thus, it is one of the advanced tools used for working with raw data.Microsoft Excel

Excel is a tool known for multitasking purposes. You can compute several functions and formulas with excel. What do you seek to analyze? This software is a guide to all manner of complex data analysis just with easy and simple control steps.

Favorably, this tool is developed to manage income statements, balance sheets and other financial data as it has formulas that offer solutions to your data computation.

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Variably, the software has an easy to use interface; new users will find it easy to use as it has multiple features displayed at top view of the screen. However, as it has unlimited columns and rows, you are eligible to perform task having numerous rows and columns.

What is MS Excel?

This has been a question from time memorial to date. What is Ms excel? It is simply defined as a spreadsheet program in MS office, often used for viewing data and analyzing data. It is a sheet of tables placed in rows and columns, having mathematical arithmetic functions.

MS Excel Download

Just like I said earlier, this tool can be downloaded to your android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. Both for the latest and old version are free. The below set of paragraphs will show a guide to download and install the program.

For Android device

If you wish to get the MS Excel app on your android device, visit the Google Play store. Locate the search bar at the top page and then browse for the keyword and hit enter to fetch results. Quickly, the result will show provided your network is good. Click on the app and proceed further to installing the app.

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For iOS Device

  • Find your way to the apple app store home page
  • Move to the search bar and browse for “MS Excel”
  • Hit on the app as soon as it appears.
  • Click on the “Get” button and then allow it to install.

For window

This is totally not different from what you use to know. All you need is an accurate link to be able to reach the official page. Simply visit As soon as you arrive at the home page, click on the download tab to get the latest version of 2020. If you look forward to downloading the older version, scroll down a bit and navigate to the right side of the page and click on “Download old versions” to get the version of your choice.

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For Mac Devices

You have just two ways that you can get this app instantly. You choose to either use the Mac store to download the app or go get it via the below link Once you get to the homepage, click on the download button.

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