Microsoft Ads – What About Bing? A Guide to Understanding Microsoft Advertising

If you have ever thought of using a different marketing channel besides Google Ads, then you are in for the best time of your life with Microsoft ads. Once you understand how Microsoft Ads work, you have good ads feature to use in diversifying your PPC campaigns to gain control over your target audience and ad placements.Microsoft Ads - What About Bing? A Guide to Understanding Microsoft Advertising

While using it, you don’t have to empty your pocket in the process, because Microsoft Advertising tends to cost less than Google Ads, and will display your ads in front of an older, higher-earning audience. Let’s get started!!!

Let’s take a look at the whole new world of Microsoft Advertising and see what it’s all about.

What Is Microsoft Advertising?

Microsoft Advertising, known before now as Bing Ads, is the Bing search engine platform for PPC ad placement. It is an ad strategy that allows audiences you target, to see your ads in three different search engines (i.e.) AOL, Bing, and Yahoo. Microsoft gives advertisers the free hand of having their campaigns viewed across those outlets, any sites owned by them, and partner sites.

You can use Microsoft Advertising to your advantage by incorporating it into your PPC strategy to expand your reach. Microsoft Advertising accounts for 25% of searches done using a desktop computer during June 2019. This number represents an additional 11 million searches outside of Google.

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How Does the Microsoft Advertising Platform Work?

Targeted Ads

There are certain targeted features of the Microsoft Ads platform, that makes ads on the Bing network to be geared towards specific audiences. They are:


Microsoft Advertising gives you the liberty to time the display of your ads each day in 15-minute increments. With this ad, advertisers can also schedule ads to be displayed during business hours for their brick-and-mortar stores.


There’s now a targeted ad feature that helps you target specific locations where your ads will be displayed and/or block locations from seeing your ads.


Keywords help you place bids on specific keywords and make changes depending on conversion rates.


Here you can design ads targeted at specific age groups and age ranges.

Microsoft Ads

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Benefits of Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Ads campaigns may spend only a fraction of the amount that they would on a Google Ads campaign.

The Microsoft Advertising shown on the Microsoft Search Network tends to attract an older audience, with 40% of those responding in the demographic of 35- to 54-year-old. Advertisers must know that this factor is important because that age group accounts for nearly 75% of Bing users. Almost half the audience in that network makes at least $75,000 or more per year, making Microsoft Advertising an attractive prospect for those targeting high-wage earners.

Shopping Campaigns

Microsoft also brings you the Microsoft Shopping Campaigns which enables you to manage your product catalogs housed in the Microsoft Merchant center store. These product Ads include information about the product itself, an associated image, as well as any promotional text you may want to add. You can build them from scratch or import any Google campaigns you may have already built.

The following attributes can be used to enhance the catalog feeds in your Microsoft Shopping Campaigns.

  • Condition of Product
  • Brand Name
  • Customized label (up to five per offer)
  • Product Category (max of five per offer)
  • Product Type
  • Merchant Product Identifier (or Item ID)
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Microsoft Search Network

The Microsoft Search Network includes sites like,, as well as other syndicated Microsoft and Yahoo partners. Here, all search and audience ads are distributed across the network, geared at your specific audiences.

Advertisers can use the Search Network to narrow or expand the focus of their ads depending on their current needs. They can choose to have campaigns seen everywhere or target a single channel. The ad also enables you to exclude your ads from being seen on partner websites.

AI Capabilities With Microsoft Audience Network

Microsoft tracks audience behavior patterns and uses the information it gets to come up with new enhancements for advertisements while giving you a brand-safe environment. Advertisers can view datasets and other information for better insight into the performance of various campaigns using the Microsoft Graph visualization tool.

Get into a whole new world of Microsoftadvertising and do more with your business and expand your reach.

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