Facebook Advertising Strategy – comprehensive guide

In my previous post, I wrote about the various types of Facebook ads available for brands to leverage. In this article, I will be writing on Facebook Advertising Strategy – the comprehensive guide. From people’s comments, I got to find out that most SMEs are interesting in advertising on Facebook or are currently engaged in one but are not getting any tangible results.Facebook Advertising Strategy

I will encourage you to read through this post, so you will learn how you can maximize your Facebook account to get leads for your business. This guide is targeted at beginners who want to market their business on the largest social media network.

Why you should advertise on Facebook

Before we go into details, let see the answer to this question – why you should advertise on Facebook?

Facebook has the largest number of users with younger people having a higher percentage. Both men and women are on Facebook. Therefore, that audience you are looking for is on Facebook. In other words, no matter what age group you are targeting there will be more than millions of them on Facebook. Furthermore, Facebook gives the chance to target your audience based on their demographics, age, sex, location, and interests.

Facebook Advertising Strategy the comprehensive guide

In Facebook advertising or marketing there are basic things that must be done for your ads to be successful. You will keep getting things wrong if these things are not properly done. There are hundreds of ideas on Facebook Advertising Strategy but most fail to point out the basics of successful Facebook advert campaigns. Here is a guide on how to go about your next Facebook advert.

  1. Advertise through Facebook Pages: before you can advertise on Facebook you will be required to create a Facebook business page. People can easily like and follow your page. The page is the hub of information for your brand or company. The page should have your brand name so that users can like and follow. When people like your page, they also advised them to follow so that they will be able to receive updates from your page. Ensure that you post useful information on your page. Because your post will be displayed in the news feed of everyone who “liked” your page. Therefore, make sure you post something helpful or interesting to your followers. A Facebook business page is very simple to create. Click here to learn how you can create one.
  2. Advertising through Facebook Groups: now that you have a Facebook business page, it is also advisable that you create a Facebook group for your brand. The group must be attached to the business page so that both we target the same audience. A Facebook group is a discussion forum. Therefore, you can create a group that will discuss issues related to your industry, services, and product.
  3. Advertise using Facebook marketplace: this is a newer feature that Facebook just added mainly for brands that are into the sale of tangible goods. This is best for people e-commerce retailers. It allows you to set up a list of products that are available on your store on your Facebook page. These listed products are searchable across Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Strategy

most fail to point out the basics of a successful Facebook advert campaign. Here is a guide on Facebook Advertising Strategy for your next Facebook advert.


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