How to Set Up a Facebook Shop – The Quickstart Guide for Beginners

It is time you move out to reach your customers and move your business to a successful site. But then, have you sat back to think of where and how to do that? Of course, we have a response for you which is Facebook Shop.How to Set Up a Facebook Shop - The Quickstart Guide for Beginners

Moreover, Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than 1.09 billion active users who spend an average of 58.5 minutes on the platform; this makes it suitable for your business marketing. Truly, this is amazing to hear such wonderful scores. So you can imagine selling your products online without involving Facebook (Facebook shop), there is more to lose, right?

 The most amazing part

is that this Facebook shop feature isn’t made available to majorly retailers, so however, anyone can get in and take action. Also, to commerce store owners, it is of great importance to note the most no-brainer ways of using social media marketing.

Get ready to create a Facebook shop and how to integrate your Shopify store with Facebook right with us. To successfully create a Facebook shop, we recommend that you stick around to our guide and get the work done.


What is a Facebook shop?

A Facebook shop is a tab which that can fetch you your Facebook page to promote and sell your products directly to Facebook users on the platform. Now if you have a click on the product as a customer, you get to see an expanded product page of that particular product. You can as well see the pictures of the products, and videos, and the production description.

How to Set Up a Facebook Shop


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How to Set Up a Facebook Shop – The Quickstart Guide for Beginners, you can manage a Facebook store using only the Facebook platform itself.

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I found the book easy to read and full of good tips. Whether you are a beginner or someone who needs a brush-up, the author, Wayne Pirini, has made advertising

Possible activities you can find using a Facebook shop

This may serve as great benefits to some persons as it is important to understand how a Facebook shop can help in growing your business. Let’s look at them.

  1. Tag your products in Facebook posts to enable you to boost sales.Do you have a Facebook shop set? You will be able to start tagging any of your available products. Now, every person who comes across your post will view the products you have available.

This is a typical example of how to tag a product to your Facebook post. At a glance, you will notice that each of the products in the image has a price tag right? Now when the customer’s mouse comes near the product the full information is displayed.

Note: you can easily tag products in posts when you have set up your Facebook shop.

  1. You can influence Facebook’s Social Engagement.

  2. Since average users spend an average of an hour on the platform every day, adding a Facebook shop tab to your page will influence the ways users engage on Facebook, unlike the normal way people view your products, save them share them or even leave a comment. Rather, it exposes your brand to new people in the best other ways.
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This is why every action will stand as a perfect form of social proof that can extend as an influence to other people.

  1. It helps to reduce friction in the sales process.

  2. Now that you need to ensure you don’t bulk your purchase process because you can make people jump through lots of hoops and in the end, they won’t complete their purchases. The Facebook shop makes it easier for Facebook users. Now customers can check out products right on the same window they are using to chat with friends. Not just only that, they can add a cart, check out on the platform, or move to the website to complete the purchasing.

Note: Unfortunately, the Facebook shop feature isn’t currently available in all the countries. But then which countries can access the feature? We can’t say for now because this feature is being rolled in gradually and may not be available yet.

However, you can check if you can access this feature to know if it is available yet. Now how can you try that out? You should try to create a Facebook shop and see if such an option exists yet on your Facebook. Currently, you may be able to access the Facebook shop tab but then facebook provides only a shopping cart and checkout service for sellers in the U.S.

  You may really feel bad hearing this right?

We don’t really know when other countries can expect access to this feature but then, the Facebook store is another channel you can also hook up to for sales and then link your customers to your website to check out using the call action.

How to Set Up a Facebook Shop with Shopify

This is greatly recommended for serious sellers – Shopify as another route to hook up with. This is because it allows you to control your business and will make you independent of Facebook policies in the future time.

Also, Shopify is worth being utilized as it is powerful eCommerce management software. You wouldn’t believe that Shopify allows you to integrate multiple sales channels. This implies that you can sell on your own website, Facebook, Massager, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, and lots more, all just in one dashboard.

Let’s get to work and create your Shopify store.

Phase 1: How to create your Shopify store?

Simply go ahead to where you can create your account.

  Hopefully enough this website allows you to have a test-run, rather than a free 14-day trial in order to confirm before getting to work.

Note that before you can create a Facebook shop you will need to sign up for one of the Shopify plans which cost just $29 per month. You will arrive at the Shopify dashboard which is rather referred to as the command center of your future eCommerce empire.

This is where you will be prompted to add a product, customize your theme and then add a domain name. Won’t it be wise you get your account set up now?

Aside from the Shopify account, you do also need to get your Facebook page ready for your business. If you don’t have one yet, you can set up one now.

Phase2:now that you are done with setting up a Shopify account and your Facebook page, it is time for you to link your Shopify store to your Facebook page.

Go ahead to your Shopify dashboard and click on “Sales Channels” and then click the Cross symbol in order to add Facebook as a new sale channel. Afterward, click on “Connect Account” to connect Shopify with your Facebook account.

You will be prompted to allow Shopify to “Manage your pages and publish as Pages you manage”. Go ahead and click on “OK” to continue.


Next, select the Facebook page that you want to use to create a Facebook shop from the drop menu. Click on “Connect page” on the blue ink interface.

Again you will be prompted to agree to Facebook’s Seller’s Terms and Policies. Ensure you read those write up before clicking on “Accept Terms.”

Note: it will take facebook 48 hours that a minimum of two working days to review and approve your store.
Am sure you can’t wait to see how you can set your market ablaze. The only access is when facebook approves your store. On that note, you will have to sign up for one Shopify plan and then click on “Enable” so that you can ride on and start selling on the Facebook store.

Phase 3:select the products and collections to show on Facebook

Since you have successfully linked your Shopify with your Facebook, it is time to arrange how your market will look like on Facebook.

To add products to your Facebook store, click on the “Products” tab in your Shopify dashboard and then choose the products that you want to add.

Next, proceed to the “Action” button. From the drop-down items, select “Make products available.”

This will be seconded by a popup window requesting for the sales channels you want to the products to be displaced. Now check on the box for Facebook and click on “Make products available” afterward.

Additionally, you can add collections to your Facebook shop in that same way. Straight away, have a click on the “Collections” tab from the Shopify dashboard and then repeat the process.

Now that you have arrived to this point, you can now edit how you want your products to arrange in your Facebook store. Simply go ahead and arrange it, afterwards, click on “Publishing” at the left-down part of the current page, just beneath the facebook menu at the sidebar.

This takes you to your Facebook page. Locate the “Shop” tab that displays your products and collections.

Welcome to your Facebook shop. You are now a shop owner on Facebook.

How to set up a Facebook Shop without involving a Third-party Service

Do you know that you can set up and manage a Facebook store using only the Facebook platform itself? Of course, this is what we are about to show you right away. We recommend you set up a business page before you can take the ride with us.

Phase 1: Add the “Shop” tab

Launch your Facebook page and click “Settings.”

Here comes a whole lot of menu of Facebook page options. Locate and click on “Templates and tabs.” this enables you to add the Facebook shop tab.

You will be presented with the current in-use tabs. But then, navigate to the button of the page and click on “Add a Tab.”  Next, find the “Shop” option and click on it. You have automatically added the shop tab to your Facebook page. Moreover, you can quickly fix the tabs into your preferred arrangement by simply clicking on the three horizontal lines and drag your tabs.

While choosing a preferred arrangement ensure that the shop tab is at the top three so that it could be easily located instead of going by “see more” to view it.

Phase 2: Configure Your Facebook Shop Tab

Have a click on the shop tab. Next, agree to facebook’s seller’s terms and policies. Ensure you read through that long note before you agree or clicking continues.

The next prompted question from Facebook is on how you’d like people to purchase products from your shop.

Note: if you are outside the U.S, you get to see two options, “Message to buy,” or “Checkout on another website.”

But if you are in the U.S, you will get the option to accept payments directly from your Facebook page via your linked-up bank or stripe account.

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After setting your shopping method, now is the time to add products to your Facebook shop.

Phase 3: Add products to your Facebook Shop

Back to your Facebook shop tab again and click on “Add products.”Upload a photo of your product or even videos. Enter your product name, Price, and include a short but comprehensive product description.

However, if you would go by sending buyers to a website to complete their purchase then you will need to add the website’s URL for the specific product. Something of this nature is what am talking about. Check the below diagram.

However, when setting up product images, Facebook has mapped out recommendations and guidelines for product listings. We should look into it, right?

Guide to the Facebook product image

  • Firstly, each product listing should have at least one image.
  • Secondly, the image must be of the product itself. That is, the use of graphics is not acceptable or more other than the image product.
  • Thirdly, the image must show your entire product.
  • Fourthly, show the product up close in a well-lit setting.
  • Next, the resolution must be at least 1024 x 1024 or even higher.
  • The image must be in square format.
  • The image should have a white background.
  • Lastly, represent the products in real-life situations.

The don’ts

  • Firstly, the image should not contain Text such as calls-to-action or promo code.
  • Secondly, avoid offensive content such as explicit language, nude, violence.
  • Thirdly, do not engage watermarks.
  • avoid advertising or promotional materials
  • Lastly, do not use images that are time-sensitive; that is images that can expose offer time.

How to add product description guide

Below is what your description shouldn’t portray:

  • HTML (Rich text only)
  • Excessive punctuation
  • All the letters capitalized or in lower case
  • Phone numbers or email addresses
  • Book or film spoilers

The DO’S

  • Firstly, ensure the information provided is directly related to the product.
  • Ensure that your grammars are correct and properly punctuated.
  • Finally, ensure that the description is easy to read and understand.

In the end, you should make sure to click the toggle to enable sharing and then click “Save.” now wait for Facebook to review and accept your product. It will just take few minutes and afterward, you will be notified when your products are visible.

Simply apply the same principle to another time you want to launch a new product.

Phase 4:Manage your products and Orders

To manage your products and order, click the “Publishing Tools” button just at the top of your Facebook page, and then click “Shop” at the bottom of the sidebar menu.

However, if you are based in the U.S. and then opted to allow users to checkout on Facebook, you will be notified each time you receive a new order.

Now under the Shop menu, you will see an additional tab to manage your orders.

How to Tag Your Products in Facebook Post

Quickly let’s look at how to tag your products in Facebook posts. First, you should share a new Facebook post or bring up an old post featuring products that you’d like to tag. Now that you have a Facebook shop tab with products on it, there should be an option to “Tag products” close to the “Tag photo” button.

Now simply click “Tag products” and select the product you’d like to tag and click “Finished Tagging.”