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Facebook introduces Facebook shops to help users buy and sell while they socialize on their favorite social network. Facebook is building a virtual shopping mall to help small businesses cushion the effect of COVID-19.  yes, This feature was introduced by Facebook in the recent Product Update aimed at helping small business owners recuperate from this COVID 19 economic fallout.Facebook For Shop - Facebook Shops Setup 2020 - The Shop Facebook - Facebook Shops Online - Facebook Shops - How To Get Started

Are you a business person or having a product and service you wish to sell to the general public? The best place to go is Facebook shops.

Facebook is presently the largest social network in the world. Facebook commands more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. This is really a huge number. With Facebook shops, you can take advantage of these numbers by simply setting up your online store called Facebook shops.

Facebook is the connecting place for almost every kind and class of people. So you can do your business here. Gone are the days when you go the streets looking for buyers. The market has now moved online. Facebook is easing the stress of selling and buying; shortening the period of connecting the buyers and sellers.

Are you a Facebook or Instagram user, have products and services you sell, and wish to connect with your local, you can take advantage of Facebook shops.

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With these Facebook shops, you can convert your Facebook and Instagram pages into a digital shop or storefront.

With this feature, you can convert your followers, fans, and friends into a customer. You never can tell where you can make a sale. Anyone can be in need of your ware.

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Facebook Shops make it easy for businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram.

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Follow our step-by-step guide to set up your Facebook store today, and learn how to make the most of the new Facebook Shops feature.

This is a bold stride and it marks the Facebook entry into the e-commerce world.

With shops, you can now create your personal and unique “shop” on your Facebook and Instagram page. Users can customize their pages into catalogs of their products for people to see and buy from them.

Presently, you can not complete the sales of the Facebook app on the Facebook.com website, rather, the buyer will be redirected to the seller’s official webpage.

Facebook Shops is mainly for product listing, advertisement, and display. It is only companies that can complete their sales on Facebook. And these are those that are already using Facebook or Instagram in-app checkout feature.

There is also news that small business can now do their checkout on Facebook.

So what Facebook Shops does for you is, draw business and social media fans to your products and help you lure new ones.  With this, companies and friends can locate you naturally using your shop, or you can choose to use Facebook ads for specific product listings as well.

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Another amazing part of it is that shop owners can chat with their potential client or consumer using customers WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger directly.  This is easing the stress of doing business and the hitch that businesses suffer most times. Take advantage of Facebook shops today.

I learned that Facebook is planning to give up one part of its app for shopping and commerce-related features.

There are plans by Facebook to also combine shopping and live video on Facebook and Instagram in the coming months. This will come with an influential-lead version of QVC. This means that brands and influencers can now tag specific products before they start a live video.


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