Instagram Shop Online – How to Enable Instagram Shop

Instagram is known for its high-quality stunning images and videos. This has made it an ideal place to advertise a product and now we can use the platform for shopping too. With over one billion users worldwide, Instagram is definitely the best platform for brands that want to see their return on investment.Instagram Shop Online

Instagram shopping was launched in February 2018 and since then many users have been able to discover and buy products on Instagram.  As a brand manager or a business owner, you can convert your Instagram account to a storefront for your followers to see and purchase your products. In this post, you will learn how to enable Instagram to shop online.

Instagram shop online

Meaning of Instagram shop online

Instagram shopping or shop online is a feature on Instagram that gives business owners the opportunity to create a product tag. When someone tabs on the product tag, they will be taken to a product description page where they will see more information about the product like the product description and how much it cost without having to leave the Instagram app.

Shopping on Instagram gives brands the opportunity to share featured products through organic posts and stories or have people discover their products in search to explore.

Business Requirements for Instagram Shop online

As a business outfit that wants to shop on Instagram, your Instagram account and business must meet the following standards:

  • You must have an Instagram business profile. Your Instagram account must be primarily for business. Click here to learn more about how you can convert to a business account.
  • Your business must be located in Canada, US, Puerto Rico, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, South Africa, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Czech Republic, Romania, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Malta, Ecuador, Panama, Belize, Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Korea.
  • Your Instagram account must be approved for shopping on Instagram to tag products.
  • You must ensure that you have the latest version of the Instagram app.
  • Your Instagram business page must be connected to your Facebook catalog.
  • You must get your Instagram store approved by Facebook. Once it’s approved you will see a message within your Instagram app guiding you on how to connect your Facebook catalog to tag a product on your Instagram posts.
  •  Your account must be reviewed: after the completion of the steps above, your account will be automatically reviewed for access to the Instagram shopping feature.

How to Enable Instagram Shop online.

After you have met the requirements above. To be able to add product tags or stickers on Instagram take the following steps :

  • Open your Instagram Business Profile.
  • Tab on the ellipsis or the three Three dot icon on the top right-hand corner.
  • You will be taking to the Instagram business. Selecting Shopping ( the shopping option is only available to accounts that have been approved for shopping on Instagram. If you did not see the shopping option, that means still under review or is not approved for Instagram shopping)
  • Tab continue
  • Select the product catalog you want to use with Instagram shop
  • Tap Done

Your Instagram business profile is now set up to tag products in a post

Instagram shop online

Instagram shopping or shop online is a feature on Instagram that gives business owners the opportunity to create a product tag.


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