So many details of our lives are shared online on  SOCIAL NETWORKS. However certain information or details shouldn’t be shared. The following are ten things you should not post on SOCIAL NETWORKS.


Your Current Location

Firstly, in posting a status or a tweet, we may very well be revealing our current location through geotagging. In giving out our location information. We take risks because thieves or potential thieves. Can tell if we are around or not.

Your Full Birthdate

Secondly, with the knowledge of our birthdays. Identity thieves and scammers are provided with extra information to steal our. Accounts or play other pranks.

Pictures of Children tagged with their Names

Also, posting pics of our children online can put them at potential risks. The social network is a public space therefore. All and sundry have access to these pictures including friends, families, and possible enemies.

It is advised that we remove any geotag information. That comes with posting the pictures of our children or those of our family and friends.

Home Address

Things are made easier for criminals and unscrupulous elements when we post our addresses online. They find it easy to locate us.

Your Personal Phone Number

While you may want friends to contact you, your real phone number can fall into the wrong hands through a social network site. One’s location could be gotten from his or her phone number using a reverse phone number software freely available on the Internet.

You can allow others to contact you using the Google voice phone number without giving them your personal phone contact.

Relationship Status

Stalkers or potential stalkers are better briefed with our shared relationship status online. It could present them with more encouragement to stalk us more.

Pictures with Geotags

Your phone might be recording the location of all the pictures you take or post without you even knowing it. You can remove geotags from your pictures because a geotagged picture makes it very easy for anyone to posit your current location.

Vacation Plans

It is great sharing photos but it is safer sharing them from your home after returning from the vacation. Sharing photos whilst still on vacation is simply telling the world you are not at home and this could lead to burglary or other vices.

Work-Related Details

Sharing details or sensitive details on work issues is a bad idea. This could even fall under the nondisclosure agreement (NDA). A simple status update could provide valuable information to competitors that could be leveraged against your company.

Embarrassing Episodes

We must learn to protect our online reputation. We should ask ourselves such questions as what would my family, friends or boss do if they see my status or post.


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