Instagram does not support the GIF format. The way to share GIF-LIKE videos on Instagram is by using the BOOMERANG from Instagram.HOW TO POST A GIF-LIKE VIDEO TO INSTAGRAM WITH BOOMERANG

BOOMERANG is an Instagram video app that takes bursts of photos and stitches or combines the images in a mini video that plays forward and backward.

These short, action-packed videos can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. For Instagram, it is available for IOS devices on the App Store and Android devices on the Google play store.

The Instagram Boomerang is not the same as Boomerang tools for outlook, Gmail, and mobile devices.

Using Boomerang is quite straightforward, easy and it is free.

Making a Boomerang video and posting it entails.

1) Firstly, download Boomerang from Instagram from the App Store or Google play store

2) Secondly, tap OK when Boomerang asks for access to your camera.

3) Thirdly, tap OK when Boomerang asks for permission to access your photos.

4) Fourthly, tap the circle icon at the lower-right corner of the screen to select either the front or rear-facing camera

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5)Also, point the camera at what you like to shoot, then tap the Record button (white button). This takes a burst of ten photos and stitches it together, speeding up the sequence to create a mini video.

6) Lastly, a preview of your GIF-LIKE mini-video is displayed. The video loops back to the start when it finishes.


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How to share the Boomerang video on Instagram

After creating a Video, one can instantly share it to Instagram or Facebook. To share on Instagram :

1) Firstly, select Instagram on the completed video preview.

2) Secondly, select stories to add it as part of an Instagram post.

3) Thirdly, add additional photos or videos if you wish, then select Next.

4) Also, you can add more filters if you like, then select Next.

5) Tag people, write a caption, and add a place. Choose whether you want to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Tap share.

6) Lastly, boomerangs gets shared on Instagram feed or story and any additional social media sites.

On being posted and shared, Boomerangs plays and loops automatically in your follower’s feeds. The video displays a small label at the bottom that says “made with Boomerang”. If this label is tapped, a box appears introducing one to the app with a direct link to download Boomerang from Instagram.

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Instagram has other stand-alone apps for photos and videos such as layout which creates collage photos with up to nine images. This is also free for IOS and Android devices.

Another app for posting photos and videos is Hyperlapse, which works only with iOS and creates professional-looking time-lapse videos using advanced stabilization technology.

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