EIGHT INSTAGRAM TIPS AND FEATURES – more Instagram experience

These INSTAGRAM TIPS AND FEATURES help to enhance your Instagram experience. Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social networks that continuously have to change and adapt to keep users interested. These INSTAGRAM TIPS AND FEATURES include:EIGHT INSTAGRAM TIPS AND FEATURES - more Instagram experience

Automatically Filter Inappropriate comments

Instagram allows users to hide inappropriate comments on their posts by filtering out certain customized keywords. To do this, simply navigate to your user settings from your profile, scroll down through your options and tap comment controls under the Settings section to block comments from specific users, hide offensive comments and manually create filters for specific words or phrases.

Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Skip

Secondly, to pause a story, tap, and hold. To rewind, tap the top left of the screen (beneath the user’s profile photo and username). Also, to fast forward through a user’s multiple stories, just tap the screen, and to skip an entire user’s stories, swipe left. You can also repost an Instagram story to your own audience if necessary.

Mute Stories From Specific Users You Follow

The thing about Instagram is that it is easy and enticing to follow hundreds or even thousands of users, making it difficult to find or to be focused on the stories one is interested in. Instagram allows you to mute stories you are not interested in viewing so that they do not show up in your stories feed.



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Allow Messages on Stories Only From Followers You Follow Back

Instagram allows your followers to send message replies to your stories. Also, you can change this default setting if you have a large following. And, you can set your message replies up so that only followers you follow back can reply. You can also turn them off completely. Hide Your Stories From Specific Users

You can hide your stories from any user when you are on the profile by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of their profile and then selecting the Hide Your Story option from the menu that appears from the bottom.

Open Boomerang or Layout from within Instagram

Boomerang and Layout are two Instagram apps one can download for free. It is used in enhancing photo posts. Boomerang helps in creating a GIF-like post with short, subtle movements and no sounds, while Layout lets you combine several photos as a collage into one post. You can access these apps from within Instagram if you already have them downloaded to your device.


Sort Your Files to Put Your Favourite Ones First

Instagram has lots of different filters to choose from. There are about forty-two for editing photos alone. You can sort your filters so that. The ones you use the most are easily accessed, right there at the. Beginning of the filter selection. You can hide some filters by unchecking them.

Turn On Post Notification for Posts from Specific Users

To turn on post notifications, tap the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of any user’s post or on their profile and select Turn On Post Notification. These can also be turned back off as you will.

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