The following INSTAGRAM TIPS AND FEATURES FOR BEGINNERS enable one to have a fulfilling Instagram experience. This is especially true for beginners. These INSTAGRAM TIPS AND FEATURES FOR BEGINNERS include:

1. Post often to keep followers interested

Firstly, to keep followers engaged, you may need to post new content on a regular basis. A post a day is reason enough as you do not need to start posting ten photos on a day. Going long periods without posting may lead to losing a few followers.INSTAGRAM TIPS

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2. Using the Explore Tab

Secondly, explore Tab is where some of the popular photos and videos get featured. The photos that are shown here are tailored to the photos and videos that have been commented on or liked by people you follow. By tapping the magnifying glass in the bottom menu here, we get to find new users to engage or follow.

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3. Post interesting, colorful photos and videos

Thirdly, providing value to your followers is the main deal on Instagram. One has to keep posting videos and photos that evoke some kind of emotion from his or her followers. These emotions range from humor to nostalgia, happiness, motivation, love, or any other. High-quality videos and photos get lots of attention on Instagram.

4. Feel free to use Hashtags

Fourthly, using hashtags is a very good way of increasing your reach on Instagram. It encourages more engagement and even attracts new followers. However, it is advised that one does not over bloat a post with too many hashtags.

5. Using Instagram Direct to contact Specific Users

There are times when posting certain things to specific followers become necessary. This is done through direct messaging. You can direct message a photo or video to specific persons. In this case, you are not posting to the general public.

6. Interact with your followers

It is necessary you make your followers feel engaged. Interacting with them is one sure way to get this done. Make comments, reply to their comments, and like some of their photos. Iconosquare (Statigram) helps you to track comments and shows you users who interact the most with you.


7. Don’t be tempted to purchase followers

It is possible to get large Instagram followers by buying them but they are often mostly fake and inactive. You may get to see someone with about ten thousand followers, yet hardly get likes or comments. It is much better to stick to real engagements. Like they say “it is not about the numbers“.

8. Experiment with Shoutouts

Giving a shoutout on someone’s post is great. Two users can agree to give the other a shoutout post on their own accounts. It is a very effective way to grow your numbers on Instagram.

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