How to Use Instagram Shopping – How Instagram Shopping Works

Do you know that you can turn your  Instagram followers to potential buyers?  If you an Instagram shop, you can achieve this.   Instagram shopping is a feature that allows brands to sell products directly on Instagram through Instagram posts and stories. In other words, With Instagram shopping customers have the opportunity to see relevant information about your product like the description, pricing and buy directly without having to leave their Instagram app.

In addition, they are many reasons why you need to have a stoppable Instagram. For instance, if a customer sees a product on your feed but there is no way to buy the item or even direct visit to your site, you are losing that customer.

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In this, I will give you tips on how to use Instagram shopping. If you are interested in Instagram shopping works and you want to leverage on this to sell your product on the platform, read this article till the end.

How Instagram shopping works

Instagram allows you to create photo and video ads, Instagram stories ads.  You use all these tools to visually appeal and capture the minds of followers in other get them engaged with your brand.  A mix of Instagram ads and Instagram shopping give you the best return on your investment. Instagram shopping is a feature that is created to enable customers to explore the best products with a single tap.

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In addition, it makes easy for brands to convert sales easily since customers don’t have to go through so many channels. Furthermore, there is a guarantee that the customers will find the product and make a purchase. Now let’s take a look at how Instagram shopping works. Below is the flow of how it works.

  • A brand tags products
  • An Instagram user follows the brand account.
  • The Instagram user noticed a product form his feed from the brand’s account.
  • The Instagram user taps on the products and is taken directly to the brand’s page.
  • If the user is interested in the product, the user will now have to place an order through the link provided by the brand.

How to Use Instagram Shopping

In this, I will give you tips on how to use Instagram shopping. If you are interested in Instagram shopping works and you want to leverage on this to sell.

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