There are various FACEBOOK FEATURES or programs on Facebook that makes managing one’s account easier and more fun. These FACEBOOK FEATURES include:


Homepage and News Feed

Firstly, it is the page displayed when a user signs in. This displays a feed of updates about what your friends are saying and doing on Facebook. Each Facebook user on logging in sees a different news feed that essentially depends on the activities of others. News Feed appears in the middle column of the homepage.

Timeline, Profile, or Wall

Secondly, it is the page you see if you click your name at the right top of the Facebook homepage. It displays your personalized “wall” of content in a reverse-chronological timeline. When you visit a friend’s page, their timeline appears.

Publisher Box

Thirdly, this is the blank “status” update box for typing in text updates, sharing web links and other media.


It is a real-time feed of actions your friends are taking on Facebook that appears in a small scrolling box in the right sidebar of your Facebook page.

Privacy Settings

It is used to determine who can see your status updates and personal information. Users on Facebook are given the power to control who sees their personal information and each bit of content they post to the network. Certain global settings are available for users to consider when using Facebook. There are also individual controls through the audience selector button below the publisher box. They are accessed by clicking the down arrow to the right side of the home button in the top blue horizontal bar.

A person might apply to change the viewing permission for different posts or updates, in that he wants only some persons to see certain posts. Another can control the updates he sees by snoozing them.


Stories appear in the right sidebar of the homepage. While status updates and most posts are generally written in text form, Stories show your friend’s stories just like Snapchat or Instagram. They are usually a few seconds of video or still photos. Media can be added to the stories with the big plus button.

Messaging and Chat

Chat is Facebook’s name for its instant messaging system, also known as Messager on mobile. A person can engage in a real-time conversation with a friend who happens to be online, signed in at about the same time. The Facebook chat box is on the lower side of the interface. Clicking on the chatbox opens it and a green dot is shown next to the names of friends who are signed in to Facebook at that particular time. Facebook chat has a gear icon with settings you can change to determine who can see that you are online and when.


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