Verizon Webmail | Setting Up Your Verizon Email Login Account Just Got Easier

Verizon Webmail: Verizon is one of the largest providers of wireless service in the United States. It is a household name in U.S. its mission is to work towards making positive impacts globally through the use of various high tech works.

Their main services are; television connection, home phones, and wireless internet connections. They also provide services to businesses and residential properties. Purchasing a Verizon service for e.g. wireless internet connection comes with a caveat of being given a Verizon webmail account together with a domain name””.

How To Access Verizon Webmail Account | Verizon Email Login

To access your account follow the very easy steps listed below:

  1.  Visit Verizon official home page Click on the link and then at the right-hand corner of the page type in your webmail ID into the text box provided.
  2. If you are using a personal computer, you might want to keep the “keep me signed in” or “remember me boxes” ticked. This will save you the hassle of entering your ID and password every time you want to log in.
  3. Next click on the “sign in option”
  4. The next web page will ask for your password
  5. Upon completion of filling in the correct “sign in” details, you will be directed to your car.
  6. Your Verizon webmail account enables you to read, send or delete your emails

How To Protect Your Verizon Webmail Account:

It is essential that you protect your email not only from a computer virus but also from hackers. The protection of your email account is very important this is because not only computer viruses but also hackers can get access to your personal details through your email account if not properly protected. To secure your account the following steps below should serve as a guide:

  1. When you complete your Verizon Email Login it installs a virus scan
  2. The virus scans help to shield your account from spam emails by inspecting any email sent to your to ensure it is virus free and giving you notable alerts to any corrupted email
  3. The damage done by a virus is big. A viral attack on your system can lead to loss of important work, theft of private details or money or the hijacking of your account to send an email to another account which can have a dire effect.
  4. When using public hotspots or WI-FI network, ensure you use VPN. VPN keeps your details private and ensures everything is hidden from the eyes of the owner.

Verizon Webmail For Android And IOS Devices:

The IOS app will aid you in the access of your Verizon webmail account on your tablet, apple phone, or the Android Smartphone. When you install the app you need to also enter your password and ID. This will result in the opening of a homepage possessing the required data regarding your email account.

On the top-left corner of the page is three horizontal bars. To access your email inbox click on the bars and then scroll through the options that appear until you find the “inbox” option, click on the option to access your inbox. In your inbox, all emails sent to your account which you have received will be available to you.

On the top right corner of your computer screen is a white box with a thick line going through it which allows you to compose new messages when you click on it.