Surewest webmail: This webmail is the in thing when it comes to handling corporate affairs. The app is perfect for your office work. The company was formerly called Roosevelt Telephone Company and is a major player in communications technology.

The SureWest email app is easy to use although it might appear confusing at the initial stage with the necessary tips and guidelines which we are going to give you, it is easy to operate. The beauty of this app is that it is available in both mobile and PC version. The versions have different steps guiding the user on how to log in and this post is to serve as a login guide for you so that you can start working using the app so let’s get started.


  • The first step involves using your browser to open the SureWest webmail website. Once the website is opened the login page appears where there is a box marked for you to enter your login details.
  • Inside the box is space where you should type your email ID and your login password. Once you do that you can then click on the bar labeled Login.
  • On logging in, a welcome page appears, on this page, all the information about the SureWest webmail is seen here and instructions on how to navigate the site are seen too.
  • Finally, the home page appears which is quite easy to understand and the website is ready to work.


The mobile version is quite similar to the PC version but it is smaller and more compact to fit in with the smaller mobile device. The steps guiding login are as follows:

  • The first step involves using Google to find the SureWest webmail. To find SureWest webmail using Google type “SureWest webmail login for mobile” click the search bar and a page will open to the website with the login box.
  • You are required to put in the necessary details such as your email ID and login password into the login box where appropriate and click on the login bar.
  • Upon logging in the user page is opened directly without going through the welcome page as seen on the PC version. You can now explore the packages on the website and work at your own comfort and convenience without much hindrance.
  • You might find out that you can’t login to the site due to incorrect password, if you encounter this problem click on “forgot password” option and follow the instructions given to you on the page that appears. If you follow the instructions then a code is sent to your mobile number to use as confirmation.
  • The confirmation will allow you to change the password. For future purposes please write down your new password somewhere you can easily access if you forget it again.

The steps for login for both PC and mobile as stated above as you can see are very simple and we hope that it serves you well.

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