Create your Google Account, sign up | New Gmail Signup

Here is a complete article about Gmail which will help you to understand what Gmail is and will give you all the information on Google signup and login processes. You will also get to know others features you can have access to on this platform.

Gmail is an official email app from Google where all the emails are sent in a highly secured and organized manner. Gmail was the first app to hit 1 billion installations on Android devices for its amazing features and since then it has been growing and serving its users.

The search view and conversation view orientations are best features which make Gmail the most successful email app across the world used by billions of people today. Gmail was first started with an initial storage of 1 GB per user. Now, with its updated versions, it has up to 15 GB of storage of data for free per user to store their media and other data securely in their Gmail accounts.

Gmail is a mailing app you can’t afford to have. With it, you can receive or send emails to others for personal or business requirements. Nowadays, every mail is sent via Gmail as it is the best Google mailing app used by almost every user. So, create a Gmail account now and avail its best features.

Steps to follow to Gmail sign in | sign in to your Google account :

Below are the steps to be followed to log in to your newly created Gmail account and start using all the Google services instantly?

  1. Enter the webpage and click on sign into your Gmail account, “One Account, All of Google” to continue to Gmail.

2: You must enter your registered “email” and Password” then click here the button: “Sign in “And you are in Gmail World now!!!

Guidelines to create a new account on Gmail | sign up

If you do not have a Gmail account then click here to create Gmail account now!

  • To create a new Gmail account, click on the link below:
  • or visit and click sign up
  • First, fill in the name section and enter the username then the system will want to you create a password.
  • Create a password that no one could have predicted or at least create a strong password which no one can guess easily. Do not use the word repeatedly or common numbers like 1234…. Your birthday and your phone number will be required in order to fill the form.  Write your phone number correctly, so after you have registered Google will send a verification code to your phone for approval.
  • With this code, your membership process will be completed. Be sure to fill completely this process.
  • The next step is about if you are a robot or not. You need to prove that you are a human and not a robot by breaking the Google’s captcha.
  • Gmail sign up verification process :
  • The system will want to you fill a blank with security code. Be careful when you are filling the words and look out for the uppercase and lowercase words. If you do not do this validation correctly, in the next step will be asked to verify by phone.
  • When choosing a mail address, make it simple and unique; bearing in mind that you will use this mail in your job life and for many other uses in the future. if all your details are filled in correctly, then your new account will be created. In the next step, the system will ask some personal information about you.
  • Accept all the Google’s Terms and Conditions of Privacy and Assistance Policy, click the checkbox and then click next step that is present at the bottom of the page. By completing this step you will complete your Google Sign-up process.
  • Finally, you will get your New Gmail account created. You can change your profile photo or themes for making your Gmail account look more attractive as you wish.
  • You will also be provided with a start-up tour by Google to make you familiar with account.

Other Gmail Features

Now, you can automatically connect all of the Google services with this single Google account. Some other offers you can access just by creating a Gmail Account include:

Easy user interface: Gmail is very easy and simple to use and can be used by novice users too. Users of Gmail can delete emails, undo them, mark as important mail, backup the Gmails and has many more options to avail. users can delete all the emails at a time or mark them one by one and then delete the marked ones.

Multiple accounts in a single Gmail account: Some Gmail user’s need to maintain multiple Gmail accounts for either personal or business need. For those users who need multiple Gmail accounts, Gmail has provided them an opportunity to switch from one account to the other in the same browser.

To add a new account, you need to click on the profile photo in your Gmail account and then you will get an option for ‘add account’. Click on ‘add account’ and then sign up. Now you can easily switch from one Gmail account to the other.

Google Hangouts: by integrating with the Google Talk, users can chat in groups without any problem. Google hangouts reduce the effort and provide an option for video call. You can have a group video call to up to 10 various friends and can make a video hangout with your friends.

Free Storage space: Gmail accounts was initially started with the storage space of 1 GB. Now with its latest updated versions, it has storage space of 15 GB free per user. For vast storage, Gmail has a paid option which can now store up to 30 TB per user for either personal or business use.

Labels and filters in Gmail: You can organize your emails to the different categories of home, work, family, read later, read or unread labels and can be attached to the Gmails. Marking labels might be useful to know the priority of the emails received. Labels can also be attached to the messages also which are sent or received. Filters help in setting the rules to Gmail account for user’s requirement. Users can manage the flow of incoming messages or emails like labeling, deleting, archiving etc. Gmail users can now keep the emails out of spam folders based on the need.

Gmail sign up and Sign in support and Help at :

So this is how to create a account in the easiest way. I hope this article was helpful. If you have any issues while creating your new account then do comment below with your problem and we shall make sure to solve your issue as soon as possible.