How to Gameshare on the Xbox One

Are you surprised that you can Gameshare on Xbox One? What does it mean to Gameshare on Xbox One? Gamesharing on the Xbox One allows users to share all kinds of games including Xbox Live subscription with as long as the second party uses the same console.How to Gameshare on the Xbox One

Your mind must have been longing to see how this ever since you saw the header. Do you know how to Gameshare on the Xbox One?  This is why you must channel your attention to this article for guidelines.

Can I share games on the Xbox One? YES!

As the settings permit Xbox of the same Home Console to share games. This means that players using the same Xbox One can play your games and use any active Xbox Live subscription on your account; even if you’re not signed in there can still enjoy the privilege provided they share the same Xbox One Console.

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You can also share games from the subscription downloads via the setting.  Now you must have been in anticipation to see how you can Gameshare on the Xbox One.

Step 1: Log in to your Xbox Live account. This is the first step that will land your Xbox account. Note that you log in to your Xbox account on the console that you want to enable game sharing with.

Step 2: switch your Xbox One to the Home Console. Firstly, head to the settings and select personalization. You will locate the Home Console settings under “My home Xbox”. However, to enable game sharing, click on “make this my home Xbox”.  Afterward, if you want to cancel the game sharing, you will re-select the same place that turns out to be “Remove this as my home Xbox. With these two steps, you can enable and as well as disable game sharing.

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Step 3: log out of your Account.  Log out of your Xbox Live account.

Step 4: test the setting by sharing a game. Finally, you have logged out! It is time to test the new settings.

This requires that you ought to test it with your games using a different Xbox account. If then it didn’t work, you can return back to the original account to make sure that the new settings are saved. Note: you can only switch your Home console at a maximum of 5 in a space of 1 year. If you followed my directives, you should be able to successfully make your Xbox One games accessible to any other person making use of the same console.


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