How to Sync an Xbox One Controller

Do you have a video game and you don’t know how to sync a New Xbox one controller? However, if you are setting up a new Xbox one controller all you need to do is to ensure you synced the controller. You should know that this is one of the major steps to take in order to make any move. So we’ll be talking about how you can set these things rightly.How to Sync an Xbox One Controller

At first, what is the Xbox one controller all about?

The Xbox One controller also is known as the Xbox one wireless controller which is the primary game controller for the Xbox One and other Xbox Series such as X home video game consoles. Furthermore, also it is commercialized for its use in Windows-based PCs, and compatible with other operating systems such as macOS, Linux, and iOS and Android.

Majorly, the controller maintains the overall layout found in the Xbox 360 controller, but now there are various tug to its design, such as a revised shape, redesigned analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and triggers, accompanied with new rumble motors within the triggers to allow for directional haptic feedback.  Now we will move over to the table of content which is “How to connect or Sync an Xbox one controller”.

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how to sync an xbox one controller

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Steps On How to Sync an Xbox One Controller

Step 1: switch on the Xbox One controller. Now you are expected to put on the Xbox One controller which you want to pair. For you to know that it is on it will be indicating light which means that it is ready to sync with a console. Assuming it didn’t turn on; consider charging the batteries if not fully charged.


Step 2: sync with the Xbox connect button. Locate the connect button on the Xbox One. But over time the Newer version has the connect button under the power button on the right side. The placement of the connect button also derives the quality of the Xbox and as such the once place at the left side near the disc slot.

Step 3: switch on the controller connect box. This means you have to put the controller in pairing mode. To do that, press-hold the connect button at the top of the controller. As long as the Xbox light stops flashing, it indicates that the controller has connected.

Step 4: test run the connection. This is to ensure that your controller has connected with your Xbox. Now load your favorite game and see if you can play.

Tips on Troubleshooting

Most times you might encounter problems trying to sync the Xbox One controller. In case there are not connecting, below are tips on what to do.

  • Ensure that only 8 Xbox controllers are connected to an Xbox One at a time. This is because any additional controllers will not be paired.
  • Also, look out for low batteries because it can prevent a controller from properly syncing with the console.
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Issues can also come as a result of the firmware updates.

If on the process of updating your firmware your controller got disconnected, this may also stop the controller from working.  The best idea and solution to that is to use the second Xbox controller to resolve it.

  1. With the second controller, navigate to Device and accessories.
  2. Look out for the controller that’s non-operational. In that case, it will be labeled with a note that says Update Required.
  3. Now restart the firmware.
  4. You should be more careful now so that you don’t disconnect the Xbox controller while you are running the firmware update.

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