How to Sync Firefox containers across devices

Do you have a Firefox Multi-Container Account add-on? Now is the time to sync your customization across your Firefox account. Perhaps, Firefox web browser supports a lot of Functionality to help keep your browsing safe. Thus, there is a feature that is not included as you can add them up. This is why there are referred to as an extension.Sync Firefox

This is simply a means of preventing sites like Facebook from using your data against you. In other words, they are containerizing sites. If you must have made use of this add-on, it is simply called Facebook Container as it works automatically to prevent Facebook from tracking you.

Note: you can only sync the add-on to the current Firefox browser that you are making use of. Thus, it does not sync with your account and that means you have to sync to add it whenever you use different Firefox browser.

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With the help of add-on, you can containerize sites beyond Facebook as it involves Multi-Account containers. By chance you must have come across how to use Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension but not all are aware of the add-on feature as it helps users who work across multiple devices with Firefox.

However, the new feature syncs Multi-Account Containers’ extension across your devices. I recommend every user who consistently makes use of Firefox to find time to customize the add-on in order to protect their browsing activities.

You no longer need to simultaneously repeat the same customization for every instance of Firefox. It is totally not a bad idea for small business to use in order to achieve the same container configuration.

Can you enable this feature? What you have to do is to check out for the loading guides…..

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Qualification for add-on

  • You will need a Firefox browser
  • The Multi-Account add-on installed.
  • A Firefox account- it is vitally important for syncing.

Most times, you need to update your installed add-on for configuration of Multi-Account containers. To do so, follow the below

To update the add-on,

  • Launch Firefox
  • Click on the menu button at the upper right corner of the page
  • Click on Add-Ons.
  • Over the new page, click the gear icon for more settings.
  • Click “Check for updates” from the list of the drop-down menu. If there is any update it will automatically initiate the update. Some updates may prompt you to restart Firefox. You may also need to connect Firefox Quantum to the Firefox account. It is as well very important.

How to sync Your Firefox Containers

  1. Open the Add-Ons Manager.
  2. Select the entry for Firefox Multi-Container Accounts.
  3. Next, click the Preferences tab.
  4. Click the checkbox for Enable Sync
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This is all you have to do, as your Firefox Multi-Container Account customizations can now sync across your Firefox account.

NOTE: as long as your other Firefox browsers have the Multi-Container Account add-on installed, they will be as well sync with along with side with this.

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