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If you are within the United States of America, this payment platform is open for you. It is an online payment service provider that offers a self-design payment solution. Furthermore, it makes use of APIs business platforms like Micro business Software Company, Crowdfunding sites, and Marketplace.WePay

However, this payment service platform is highly concerned about giving its partners high fraud protection. This is what gives me confidence in using this platform as it is making payment transactions safe. It has a way of delivering your daily transactions as it is the key role of man’s daily activities.

Though making a payment with this service is not quite as easy, eventually when there are so many transactions to make but people still buy and sell with this platform daily. With it, you can pay off some utility bills.

It supports a simple interface that allows you to make your transaction payment in your comfort zone.  No need for fretting because you can make your transaction anytime. This is what qualifies this service provider as a high-class online payment network.

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What you should look out for is a good internet device to process your payment. You can as well count on them for the business payment block.

Features of WePay Payment Services

There some parts of this service feature you need to know. As it stands, they could be beneficial to you. As we see to the features, grab the best part that is intuitive to your business brand.

  • We can count on this service for fast and easy integrated payments. With the WePay APL, merchants are relented on the payment services of WePay. Furthermore, it also supports multiple payment methods like credit and debits ACH and Chase Pay.
  • It supports customized Integration. As WePay works closely to ensure you get exposed to more options, there is still a risk management scheme and merchant support that you can manage.
  • It covers 100% of the payment-related risk.
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Sign up for WePay

The great access to this platform with personal devices makes it easy to achieve. Thus, it will be easy to create an account following the below steps.

  • Open your browser and visit wepay.com
  • On the homepage, locate at the top right corner of the page and click on “Sign in”.
  • The signup page appears. Enter your email address and password.
  • Next, select the product to get started with. Over there, you will see “Link” and the second “Clear”. You get to understand better when you get in full with the service. Each of those options has its function. But you can still change it after when you must have understood it better. Click on next.
  • Enter your phone number
  • Follow suit the process and complete it.

Remember, this is an American-based payment provider service.

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Wepay Login

To login,

  1. visit the official homepage
  2. Click on the “Sign I” button
  3. Enter your correct login details (Email and password)
  4. Click one Sign button to complete the process.

Wepay Phone Number

Have a question? We can help! Our team is available from:

9:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST
Monday – Friday

To submit a ticket, click the ‘submit a request’ link on the upper left of the page in the side navigation bar. We will get back to you within one business day.

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