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Launched in 2004, Stardoll is a web browser game that was designed to create a place for girls to play games that were to their interest just like shooting and killing were for boys. The name of the designer was Lissa Wrang, a 57 years old Flemish woman.

After its initial launching in 2004, Stardoll was re-launched with funding from index ventures and Sequoia capital in the year 2006.

To play the game you have to create an account and the account is free. Stardoll has become very popular and has a membership population of about 300 million people worldwide and with an even greater potential to grow beyond these figures.

The game is mainly for girls, but boys can also play it if they want. Once you start, you are given 500 starcoins as well as 20 stardollaras. You can then use these initial boosts to climb to another level. Other games such as educational games to help improve an individual’s thinking are also available.

Stardoll members can also create groups or their own clubs and communicate with friends of like minds as well as share items with each other.

Stardoll Login |  Star Doll Sign in Process

To login to your Stardoll accounts, the following steps will help you:

  1. First, open a web browser and search for the web address
  2. On the homepage that opens, click on the link login which is found at the top right side
  3. On the drop-down menu that appears, enter your username and password
  4. Also, tick the “remember me” box if you are using a private computer. If you are not using a private computer, leave the box blank.
  5. Finally, click on the login button to enter into your account.
  6. You can also login to your account to your Facebook or Google account. All you need to do is to just click on the Facebook button or Google button.

Star Doll forgot password?

If you have a problem logging into your account as a result of not remembering your password, do not fret. All you need to do is to reset your password. To do this, click on the link forgot password? Which is found on the login page?

On the page that opens, enter your nickname and then your email address. The email address should be the one you used to create your account. Then click send.

Next, an email will be sent to your inbox, open the mail and click on the password reset link. Then follow the remaining steps carefully to finally reset your password.

After resetting your password, you can then use the new password to login to your account. Note that your new password may take some time to reset so wait for a little before attempting to log in.

New free Stardoll account | Sign Up Star Doll

As a new user, you have to first create an account before you can be able to log in. Creating an account is very easy and the following steps will guide you.

  1. On the Stardoll homepage, click on the link continue
  2. Next, choose your Stardoll from the options provide
  3. A signup page will open. On that page, enter the following
  4. Your username of about 3-15 characters
  5. Your password, which should be unique and also easy to recall.
  6. Next, enter your date of birth
  7. Tick the “terms and conditions” box
  8. Finally click on the link Go Play, to create your account.