Ballston Spa National Bank Credit Card

Ballston Spa National Bank Credit Card

The Ballston Spa National Bank in partnership with Visa and TCM bank offers one of the best online banking services to its customers.Ballston Spa National Bank Credit Card


With the Ballston Spa National Bank Credit Card, you can earn a point for every $1 spent on retail purchases and these points can be redeemed for air Travel, car rentals, cruises, hotels or other travel options, which means you can save money just by using the card.

With access to over 700,000 ATMs nationwide, you also enjoy paying no annual fees. A Ballston Spa National Bank Credit Card user enjoys a cash advance APR of 21.99%, a cash Advance fee of either $5 or $3 of wash cash advance, whichever is greater; a late payment fees up to $35 and purchases APR between 9.99% to 17.99% APR depending on the results of your credit review.


To be eligible to have this credit card, you have to have the following:

  1. Pass a creditworthiness check by Visa and it’s partners
  2. Be a resident of the US
  3. Have a Social Security Number

How To Apply For Ballston Spa National Bank Credit Card,

Go to the webpage and click on “Apply Now” and depending on whether you are opening an individual or joint account, fill in all the required information such as personal information, employment information, your monthly income and other income.

Then click on the “Next” button and after confirming your information, you will know whether you have been approved for the credit card.


Upon approval, you have to activate and secure your credit card.

On the webpage, click on “secure activation”, read and click on “I Agree” to the terms and conditions to continue.

Next, fill out all required information such as SSN, Account Number, birth date and email address.

Then Create your Access ID and Passcode, enter your security questions and answers and click on continue to end the registration.

Log In Ballston Spa National Bank Credit Card,

Go the main page on the website and enter your Access ID and Password. Once you sign in, you have access to your account to carry out and enjoy your online banking.

Call or Contact us on:

Telephone: 1(518) 363-8150

Mailing Address: Ballston Spa National Bank P O Box 70. Ballston Spa, NY 1202


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