Get a Merrick Bank Visa Credit Card

Merrick Bank creditors are inviting people through mail to enjoy their Merrick Bank Visa Credit Card. Their card helps individuals start rebuilding their credit. The card is also for people who have a problem getting approval for a credit card. They give a pre-approval offer to prospective cardholders to get double their line Visa Credit Card with a $550 credit limit.

Interestingly, after 7 months of proving your creditworthiness, they will increase your credit limit to up to $1,100. Don`t you see that Merrick Bank Visa Credit Card has a perfect way to enable you to rebuild your credit? There is no other credit card firm that will double your credit limit within 7 months.

Moreover, the card does not have over the limit fees. Over the limit, fees are always inflating credit card balances and scare a lot of customers away. No wonder they avoid cards with such fees. Cardholders have the advantage of using a free service called score. It gives FICO scores for free monthly. This helps cardholders to monitor their spending habits and plan how best to rebuild their credit. Knowing your credit score will help you know how well or not well you are doing. Merrick Bank Visa Credit Card will help you to completely rebuild your credit.

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Here are certain features of the Merrick Bank Visa Credit Card:

  1. Late payment fee of $35.
  2. It has an Annual Percentage Rate of 27.70% which is variable based on the market.
  3. When getting cash advances, APR increases to 32.70%
  4. The annual fee is $48.
  5. The card as well as a one-time account set up fee of $75.
  6. $12 fee for any additional card that the cardholder may receive.
  7. All the additional fees are usually deducted from your initial credit limit.

It is important for individuals to carefully consider all the features of this card and know if they can meet up before applying for the card. Applying for a card that you cannot handle all of its features can lead you to incur additional debts. Weigh the possibilities carefully before applying.

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Additionally, it is important to be creditworthy. This involves spending within your credit limit and ensuring that there are no late payments. When you pay late, you incur a late payment fee and as well reduce your credit score. If you see the Merrick Bank Visa Credit Card as an opportunity to rebuild your credit, you will do your best to avoid any problems at all.

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