Indigo Platinum / Pre approved for Indigo Platinum

Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a credit card great for people who have a poor credit score. Apply for an indigo card today and stand a chance of rebuilding your credit.

Indigo Platinum / Pre approved for Indigo Platinum

However, before you apply for the card, you need to check your pre-approval status. The pre-approval aspect does not have any impact on your credit. So you have nothing to worry about.

Here are the highlights, get pre-approved today, and enjoy the following,

  • No security deposit
  • Pre-qualify without impacting your credit score
  • Use your card for purchase online, in-store and in-app where ever you see the Mastercard logo
  • Build your credit history
  • Enjoy $0 liability on unauthorized charges!
  • Get more credit for your everyday needs

To get approved for the card, you must meet their basic requirements. How do I know if I pre-qualify for the card? The section under is for you.

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Pre Qualify For Indigo Credit Card

Indigo send some of their customer’s personal invitation numbers for the pre-approval test. So if you receive the pre-approval offer letter, kindly follow the steps under, check your Pre-qualifying status

Your Name


Email address

Mobile Phone Number

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)

Social Security Number

  • Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Pre-qualify button.

You can now wait for your pre-approval status.

Applying for Indigo Platinum

If you’re approved, it will direct you to the application portal. On the application page, you will provide your personal info, contact address, employment info, etc.

However, your credit profile will determine the annual Fee you pre-qualify for.  And also if you pre-qualify, you have time to review all the Terms & Conditions of your offer before you proceed to apply.

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What is Indigo’s personal invitation number? The 12 digit number on the invitation letter is sent to customers, to enable them to check their pre-approval status.

Once you have this number, go straight to Then key in the number to check if you pre-qualify for the credit card.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard Review

The Indigo credit card is basically a credit building card, offering a standard APR and credit limit with no rewards program. Check out the review of the card below


  • Cardholders enjoy a $0 annual fee option based on their credit score.
  • Offers free extra card designs
  • Does not require any deposit
  • 1% foreign transaction fee, which is lower than most cards in this category
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  • High annual fees for some card options
  • Low $300 credit limit
  • Offers no rewards
  • There’s no low intro APR
  • High fees, including a high Annual percentage rate.

Indigo Customer Service

Report your lost or stolen card to customer service. To contact an Agent to complain about your missing card, kindly dial 1 888 260 4532. Ensure you have your credit card details offhand before placing a call.

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