Meez Login login sign in

Meez was launched in the USA in 2006 as an online social entertainment site. It has over 13million users with 90% of those users from the United States.

For you to use Meez you have to own an account as well as perform a Meez login process. If you already have an account, then all you need to do is follow these simple steps listed below:

Meez login Meez Sign In from login

To login,

  1. First, open a new web browser and search for the address
  2. Upon finding the web address, on the homepage, at the top right corner is the ssignup button, click on it.
  3. On the next page that opens, enter correctly, your username and password. To help you, once that is done tick the “remember me” box. Ticking the “remember me” box should be done on a personal computer, if you are using a public device, don’t bother ticking the box because of security reasons.
  4. Finally, click login and get logged into your account. sign in login for new user

If you are new to Meez then you need to create an account. This is because creating an account is the only way you can be able to perform a Meez login and enjoy all the services provided by Meez.

To create a new account, first of all, you start with opening the homepage of On that homepage click on the create an account button found at the base of the page.

The next step involves you choosing your looks by selecting your gender. When this is done, click next.

On the page that appears, enter your username, also enter and re-enter your password to confirm it, next enter your email address. Your email address should be an active email address. This is because your email address will be very important when you are trying to recover some details which you might have lost.

Also select your date of birth and then click on the Next button. When you click on the Next button another page will appear. Here, tick the I’m not a robot box and finally, your account will be created.

Meez login account problem

In situations such as when your Meez account is stolen, you will not be able to log into your account. In this circumstance, the only way to gain back access is to fill a recovery form. To fill a recovery form click on this link thread.php?do=hackedacct

Clicking on this link will provide you with an account recovery form fill the form and submit. Filling the form is very easy and here are some of the steps involved:

  1. first, type in the stolen account username
  2. next enter your email address which will serve as your point of contact
  3. Also, enter your telephone number and the name of the person who stole your account
  4. enter the date you lost your account
  5. Enter the email address you were using to log into your account before it got stolen.
  6. Enter your date of birth
  7. Submit a proof of ownership of the account that was stolen. This you do by selecting the accurate options provided to you
  8. Next, enter your card or billing number and also enter the name of the billing who owns the account
  9. Enter the billing address
  10. Provided brief information on how you lost your account.
  11. Select yes/no to the question “did you give your password to anyone?”
  12. Enter your real name and then finally click on submit
  13. Follow the remaining process carefully and recover your account.