Get A Membership Of MCFCU

Get A Membership Of MCFCU

If you long to be part of a group that will treat you like family and helps you achieve your financial goals then you need to join MCFCU. MCFCU is the Members Choice Financial Credit Union, also known as My Community Federal Credit Union.Get A Membership Of MCFCU

They provide its members with astounding services like information of accounts, loans, locations, as well as online banking. With MCFCU,  you will build and achieve your financial plans as they provide loans at a reasonable interest rate, which helps their members to either start their own business and or take care of their financial problems.

Thus members can grow their income and have better chances of getting established. Furthermore, you will have the family you’ve always longed for as MCFCU provides a family-like environment to its members and they can talk directly to its officials to get personal financial information, without facing any kind of problem in this regard.

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Membership Of MCFCU

You can become a member of MCFCU by any of these three ways:

  1. You must have an internet connection in order to visit and get the membership online. Here, after clicking on the‘Apply’ option you will go to the next step and fill the application form.
  2. You can visit an MCFCU branch nearest to you to fulfill their requirements.
  3. You can also call or email them and request an application form, which they will mail to you.

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Join Our Community! Enjoy the benefits of becoming an MC Federal member! Apply for your membership today!

MC Federal Credit Union

MC Federal Credit Union offers personal and business accounts, loans for any need, and money management services. Let us show you the Credit Union …

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Learn all about how your MC Federal Credit Union membership gets you all these exclusive savings and more at

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MC Federal Credit Union will replace Members Choice Financial Credit Union … a name most of you should remember, and can still be called MCFCU for short.


For the membership, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a valid driver’s license. You need an official identification which shows that you are an eligible candidate for this membership.
  • Or you need to have a student card or payroll stub for making sure that you are able to get the membership.
  • You need to pay the fee for getting the membership. You need $10, which is the minimum amount for getting the membership and returned to you when you close the account.
  • MCFCU offers membership to the employees of its own city. It allows permanent as well as temporary employees, including retirees. Everyone is eligible for getting its membership, such as the students of its city, both past, and present. MCFCU allows stepparents, stepsiblings and adoptive relatives to get the membership as well. As an association, it provides a value-added advantage to your organization.

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