How To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Knowing how to cancel amazon prime membership is a simple task. But are you aware of the benefits you will deprive yourself of? Actually what and what do you know about amazon prime? Amazon prime is a membership platform that offers a whole of discount to their users.Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

This discount includes two days free shipping, amazon prime video library, Prime day and all worth not. These are the amazing benefits of the amazon prime platform.

If you had known this and have decided to cancel amazon prime then, how to cancel amazon prime is meant for you. Over here is how you can quite prime, but before that, there are some tips you should know while you are quite prime.


This is exactly what you may wish to hear. So here is the good news: if you must have made a payment for this period of time that you are about to quite prime and then you have not used your benefits within this period, then count on Amazon to get a refund.

So this implies that once Amazon just automatically renewed your prime subscription and as well has charged you, then you will definitely get your money back.

Furthermore, sometimes you may not be successful in getting the payback. Then you can go ahead and cancel prime and still continue to enjoy your benefits till the end of your paid membership period. You see! This is as simple as that. Then, Amazon will not be able to automatically renew prime nor charge you.

How To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Now over to the part that says “How to cancel Amazon Prime” however, to get straight to the nail, navigate down to Amazon’s website. Once the sign page opens, click on sign in and get your account logged in.


Navigate to the top of the homepage and click on “Account & List”. It is just near the top right corner of the page. Click on “Your Prime Membership” afterward.


Once the next page turns out, click on the “End Membership and Benefits” link below the membership management. You will see this on the left side of the new page. At this point, you have taken the first step to cancelling your prime membership.


You will be notified that you are giving up. Then you have to confirm the task by click on “End My Benefits”. Scale through the article and continue the cancellation process.


On another occasion, you will be prompted to confirm the cancellation of your membership. Now as long you have made payment your membership will not end until the end of the period that you have committed payment for.   At this stage, you are entitled to get a refund here.

Amazon ensures that you get a full refund of your current membership period in case you have not made use of them yet. If you must have followed these steps accurately, then you will successfully get rid of amazon prime auto-renewal.


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