Facebook Dark Mode on – Turn on Dark Mode on Facebook

Are you ready to take your Facebook effect to the next level? Before now, do you know the benefits of turning the Facebook dark mode on? Let’s move straight to the benefits and how you can turn on dark mode to suffer fewer strains.Facebook Dark Mode on – Turn on Dark Mode on Facebook

Facebook has never been left behind. So ever since apple introduced the Dark mode feature to their OS, it has been appearing on several other apps and facebook ceases to be let out of the track. So let’s move into the business of the day “facebook Dark mode”.


  • Facebook dark mode free!
  • Facebook sign up steps
  • Facebook login steps
  • Shortcut on how to turn on Facebook dark mode on (android, iOS)

As we know that Facebook can be used to connect with friends, send and receive a message, add a story and many other things, it will eventually take time for us to achieve a lot of things without padding our eyes under strains. So this is why it is very important that we pay attention to this guide on how you can turn on Facebook dark mode and reduce the stress of eye strains.

Facebook Dark Mode On

Facebook is just to gets your Facebook theme or wallpaper turn to black. Every category seen on the Facebook platform will be viewed or shown as black.

This has a way to also add beauty to the Facebook system and it does this to the homepage and also messages inbox. So when you put this dark mode on, the Facebook messenger and all other menus and chat will follow suite to turn black. Automatically, everything gets affected.

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 How it works

Turning facebook dark mode is not a big deal. But at first, we will look at Facebook dark free. This is because before we talk about how to turn on dark mode, you should have a Facebook account and be able to log in to your account to meet up with how to turn on Facebook.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook – Alphr

https://www.alphr.com › … › Networks › Facebook

Enable Facebook Dark Mode in the Android App · On Facebook Home, tap the “hamburger” menu icon with three horizontal lines. · Click on “Settings

How to use Facebook Dark Mode on Android, iPhone and …

https://www.tomsguide.com › how-to › how-to-use-fac…

How to use Facebook Dark Mode on Android · 1. Open and log into the Facebook app. · 2. Tap the three lines/”hamburger” icon in the top menu bar.

How to activate Facebook Dark Mode on Android – India Today

https://www.indiatoday.in › Information

Here is how to activate Facebook Dark Mode on Android: … Step 1: Open the Facebook app and log into the app. Step 2: Then tap on the three …

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How to enable Facebook dark mode on any device – Business …

https://www.businessinsider.com › … › Software & Apps

Enable Facebook dark mode on a computer · Go to Facebook.com and log in. · In the drop-down menu that appears, click “Display & accessibility.”.

Facebook Dark Mode Free!

It will interest you to know that Facebook makes use of this feature free and does not cost any annual fee to access or make use of it.  But before you make use of this feature, you must be a Facebook registered user on the Facebook platform. It is as well translated that if you’re not a Facebook user, you cannot make use of this feature. Below is a guide to sign up for a Facebook account easily.

Steps to Create Facebook Account

  • Visit the Facebook website facebook.com.
  • Click on “create a new account” or “sign up”.
  • Fill out the form with your details
  • Click “sign up” again once you are done.
  • Verify your account.

With this, you can create an account on Facebook.

Facebook Login steps

  • Launch your Facebook app
  • Put your login details to the appropriate box > email or phone number and also your password.
  • Click the “login” or “sign-in” button when you are done.

You will access your Facebook account within a short while of your login.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Facebook

Each device has a way to turn on Facebook’s dark mode. We will take a look at them one after the other.

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For On Android

  • Login your account
  • Once you are signed in, click on the menu icon (three horizontal dots) and tap on settings.
  • Move to General and go to themes.
  • You will see a list of themes, click on “AMOLED”

For On iOS

  • Put on your iOS device and move to the settings page.
  • Click on “Accessibility” under the settings tab.
  • Click on “Display & Brightness”.
  • Choose the radio button under dark. With this, you will be able to enjoy Facebook in dark mode.

Note: the above-listed steps for iOS will also work out for iPad if you care for your iPad.

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