Quite Mode On Facebook – lets you turn off push notification

Quite Mode On FacebookÂ

Facebook has launched a new feature known as Quiet Mode to allow you to regulate distractions. This is done by muting the app’s push notifications to your specified timing. A whole lot of persons really don’t get the reason for this. Nevertheless, this feature was updated during the update of the COVID Newsroom post as a way to minimize users from distractions as they now work and spend route work online in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook’s new quite Mode Option lets you turn off push notification

Facebook’s new ‘Quiet Mode’ option lets you turn off the app’s

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Facebook’s new ‘Quiet Mode‘ option lets you turn off the app’s push notifications… Facebook today is launching a new feature called “Quiet Mode

Facebook is adding a Quiet Mode that silences push …

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The mode lets you silence both in-app notification badges and system-level badges and push notifications. The mode will also remind you that …

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The feature works by pausing almost all your notifications instead of muting them. This pause feature enables the app to suppress all …

Facebook brings Quiet Mode to mute notifications on the app

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Facebook’s new feature Quiet Mode will mute all push notifications on its mobile app. ​If a user tries to open the app while in ‘Quiet Mode‘ …

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From Facebook, you can choose to turn on and off the quiet mode. When needed or schedule a designated time you want to run. That is, assuming your working hours begin y 8 am-4:30 pm. You can set Quite a Mode to automatically run during your workday to reduce. Your temptation to waste time in the app.

Now, when you are done setting up Facebook quite mode. The next response you will get from Facebook is “you’ve set this time aside. With the goal of limiting your time in the app.”

How can I find the Quite Mode on my Facebook?

However, the controls for the Facebook Quite Mode are. Found in a new section of your Facebook where you can review other info about your time spent on the Facebook platform. You will get to browse the chat for your activity time on Facebook on daily basis. This shows you the daytime. Chart versus nighttime use and another chart that lets you see how. Many times you opened the Facebook app each day.

Nevertheless, this chart was introduced to. Facebook in 2018 but the latest stylish version took hold in 2020. More analysis was. Added such as the time of day charges, the chart for the number of visits, and new week-over-week trends.


you will as well get a weekly report that will let you know how you were able to manage your time, thereby linking your reactions, comments, and posts  (activity log), down to the other features including your News Feed preference and notification settings.


However, the notification setting section let’s you turn on or off the push notifications and emails for specific updates from Facebook such the tags from friends, birthdays, friend requests, and more, though the previous way of finding this is where was designed for people you see first on your News Feed, who to snooze and who to Unfollow and so on.  So now the Quite Mode can now control all of these other features. Facebook says “Digital well-being” is our concern.

As though the Smartphones and applications weren’t built with the mental health needs of their users in mind, but this digital well-being Mvt was to regulate and reduce the time spent staring at your phone. Many more feel that the introduction of digital mobile devices has made them spend unnecessary time over nothing, but the Quite Mode will put a stop to that. Although more tech companies now introduce more digital well-being features into their platforms to help limit and track time spent on phones and even the time on individual apps.

Why the Launch of Quiet Mode on Facebook

From the analysis and a feature on an iOS device, Facebook was put threatened. this was introduced in iOS 12 which allows users to. Easily turn off app notifications right from the push notification itself. They stated how this could be used to silence facebook’s notifications easily. This was more direct to redirect the whole sentiment over iOS apps by. Users instead of the apps that spam users with alerts.

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Now Facebook found this advantaged and worked out for the launch of Quite Mode. Now the good part of facebook’s quiet Mode is that it does not affect other app notifications as it only has an effect on Facebook, giving Facebook users more nuanced control. When you give Facebook permission to push its notifications, they schedule to it.