Facebook Dark Mode on – How to Turn On Dark Mode on Facebook

Are you aware that you can turn on dark mode while on facebook?  Do you know the benefits of turning the dark mode on? All of this should encompass what this platform is talking about.

When Apple introduced this feature into iOS, Facebook has never been left out, so they introduced this feature so as to help distress the eyes from harsh light. Now that you have this idea, let’s look into what “Facebook Dark Mode on” is about.Facebook Dark Mode

This article is pointing towards how you can turn on dark mode on facebook. Knowing that facebook can be used to do a lot of things, most people spend enough time on the platform and Facebook has come up with an idea that will help improve the value of this platform and also save the users from health challenges such as myopia and the rest.

This facebook dark mode on is never a bad idea knowing the side value and importance/ this works in such a way that when you put it on, the menus and the chat will turn black so that the amount of light entering your eyes will be less.

Check out for this feature and thank me later! Quickly will be looking at how you can turn on dark mode on facebook just as you can do in some app on your device.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Facebook

To turn on this feature is not a difficult task to perform. Just with few clicks on some icons and then you turn it on. This works on Facebook’s original app. Now when you have a facebook app and you don’t know how to turn the dark mode on, then this article is meant for you. Just these below steps and get the dark mode turned on.

Using your Android device

  • As I said, you must have the original facebook app installed on your device for you to be able to perform this task.
  • Open up the Facebook app on your device.
  • Sign in your account by providing your details if the account has not been in use on that device for the first time.
  • Click on the menu bar and then click on settings.
  • Hit on General and move to themes.
  • You will see a pop-up with a list of themes. Now select from the themes the one that says “AMOLED”. And then it is done.

Using an iOS device

  • Launch your iOS device and move to the settings page.
  • Now on the settings page, click on “Accessibility”.
  • Pick the radio button under dark and you will be able to enjoy the facebook in dark mode. This entirely turns your phone to dark mode.

Turning dark mode on your iOS device will automatically turn on dark mode for all your app. But in Android devices, this feature will be applicable right on the platform of Facebook and then it will not affect other apps on your mobile device.


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