How To Advertising On Facebook – Ads On Facebook | Types of Facebook Advert

The main objective of any advert is to reach the target audience through the best cheapest medium. Advertising through Facebook stands as one of the best social media platforms for advertising. A report as of January 2020 reveals that Facebook has above 2.2 billion active users. This huge global audience is clear evidence that Facebook is a key major marketing platform for every business.How To Advertising On Facebook - Ads On Facebook | Types of Facebook Advert

Advertising through Facebook allows you to reach your target audience based on their demographics, location, and interest.  In addition, with Facebook, you can advertise your product to the most potential customers who are likely going to buy the product.

How To Advertising On Facebook

It is important that you use an advertising medium that will reach the most valuable potential customer without spending much on advertising. In this article, we will take you through on everything you need to know about advertising through Facebook and the various types of Facebook advert.

How To Advertising On Facebook

Create Ads from Your Facebook Page in 5 Steps › business › learn › lessons

Choose a goal. Add your creative. Define your audience. Set your budget and duration. Decide where you want your ad to appear.

Facebook Ad Formats for Different Goals › business › ads › ad-formats

Learn how you can create different Facebook Ads to meet different marketing objectives. Discover our ad types.

Types of Facebook ad formats | Facebook Business Help Center › business › help

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You can use different ad formats across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network, including image, video, collection, and Instant Experience ads.

Types of Facebook Advertising

Photo Ads :

this is the simplest great way to advertise on Facebook. You can boost any Facebook post through the use of stunning images. Photo ads are very simple to create but you must make it be eye-catching and beautiful to behold.

Video Ads :

Another way to greatly engage people is through the use of short video clips. Video ads are the best way to reach the target audience. Because it offers you the opportunity to show how the product can be used or simply inspirational.

Many brands have developed a lot of great video ads campaign that is very inspirational and unique. To me, video ads are the best way to reach out to people on Facebook because people can spend hours on Facebook watching videos.

Carousel Ads:

A carousel ad combines up to 10 photos or videos in a single ad to showcase a product or service. This offers you the opportunity of showcasing the different benefits of your product and other important information that might be of importance to the consumer.

Slideshow Ads:

Slideshow involves a collection of different still images or video clips that are displayed in a slide through the use of transition effects. They are eye-catching just like video ads.


Collection Ads:

These ads are only available for mobile viewers. It offers you the chance to display one or more products or services that customers can click to make purchases without having to leave Facebook.

Advertising Through Facebook. This makes online shopping easy for the times’ internet may not be available.

Messenger Ads:

These include all ads that are displayed on the Facebook messenger they are either photo ads, video ads, or both combined. This form of Facebook advert offers you extra access to the billions of people who use messenger every day.

Advertising On Facebook

They are numerous ways you can advertise through Facebook. The one to use is dependent on the budget you have set for your advert campaign and the number of targeted audiences you wish to reach. Below are some of the ways you can advertise through Facebook:

  • Posting your advert message on your personal wall.
  • Creating a Facebook page for your brand and posting your adverts on the page.
  • Posting your ads on other related Facebook community that shares the same topic.
  • Using Facebook advertising platform:Firstly, before you can advertise on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook business page. You check the link to learn more about how you can create one.

 Tips For Advertising Through Facebook

Are you now motivated to go into Facebook advertising but don’t know how to go about it? I have listed some tips which may be of help to you on how you can go about your Facebook ads.

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Put your idea into a short video clip: most brands have their unique selling point.  As early as mention, the video clip is the best way to package your content for the best Facebook ads. The video also includes short text and images that will direct people to site or physical location.

Secondly, the other way to drive traffic is by photos. You create catchy and stunning images that can get users to read in detail about what the photo is all about.

Advertising Through Facebook

In this article, we will take you through on everything you need to know about advertising through Facebook and the various types of Facebook advert

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