Types of Advertising

With all the advertising messages flying around every day, in different shapes, sizes and forms, you might be getting a little bit confused about what advertising means as well as the benefits you stand to gain in advertising. If you have found yourself in this situation, relax, because we are here to tell you all that you need to know about advertising.Types of Advertising

What is Advertising?

Advertising in simple terms means a paid communication message aimed at informing people about something or a message geared at influencing them to buy or try something new. Advertising is done by an identified sponsor and can come in any size, form, and shape.

Characteristics Of Advertising

  • Advertising requires the advertiser/sponsor to pay to create an advertising message, to purchase media slot, and to monitor advertising efforts.
  • Advertising is an element of the promotion mix of an organization, (i.e.) it is a tool for promotion.
  • It is a one-way communication, where brands communicate to the customers via various mediums.
  • Advertising can either be non-personal or personal. In the case of TV, radio, & newspaper advertisements it is said to be non-personal, and it is said to be highly personal in the case of social media and other cookie-based advertisements.

Types of Advertising

Advertising is divided into three categories, namely

Above the line advertising

Above the line, advertising includes activities that are largely non-targeted and have a wide reach. Examples include TV, radio and newspaper advertisements.

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Below the line advertising

Below the line, advertising includes conversion-focused activities that are geared towards a specific target group and examples include billboards, sponsorships, in-store advertising.

Through the line advertising

Line advertising involves the use of both ATL &BTL strategies simultaneously. These strategies are geared towards brand building and conversions and utilize targeted personalized advertisement strategies. Examples of these include cookie-based advertising, digital marketing strategies, etc.

Advertising activities are also divided into 5 types depending on the advertisements channel used. They are:

Digital Advertising:These are advertisements displayed over the internet and digital devices.

Broadcast Advertising:These are television and radio advertisements.

Print Advertising:This includes newspapers, magazines, &brochure advertisements, etc.

Product/Brand Integration:These are product placements in entertainment media like the TV show, YouTube video, etc.

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Outdoor Advertising:In this category, we have hoardings, banners, flags, wraps, and many more.

How to Find Your Ideal Customer With Advertising

You can use demographic characteristics like gender, age, education level, income level and zip code to target your ideal customer. You can use advertising vehicles which will reach more of your target customers for less spending.

Where to Advertise

You can use traditional outlets like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations and you can also advertise online. You can advertise via the following mediums: Print newsletters, electronic newsletter, websites, sides of buildings, roadside billboards, store windows, event bulletins, restaurant placements, product packaging, inside bills, YouTube videos, sporting arenas, airport kiosks, subway car walls, and the sides of cars and trucks.

How To Create Effective Ads

To create an ad that is compelling, and effective to have people choose your product over another, here’s what to do:


The headline is the key attention-getting message. Thus write one that will arrest enough.


Subhead gives ad headlines clarification, much like a book’s subtitle.

Body copy

The body copy is where the main action takes place. Here, the product or service’s features and benefits are outlined. Be as precise as possible, and don’t forget to hit on the core functions of your product/services.


You need image when advertising, as this draws the attention of the viewers to your advertising. Except for the radio where you don’t need an image, an image that illustrates a key benefit is necessary.



Call-to-action comes up at the end of the ad, where you invite the consumer to take a step towards doing business with you. This includes calling a toll-free number, asking them to visit a website, texting a certain number, or pulling into the drive-through window.

Objectives of Advertising

Advertising has three main functions, they are

To Inform

Advertising is used to create brand awareness and brand exposure in the target market. Intimating potential customers about the brand and it’s products it the first thing to do in achieving business goals.

To Persuade

It also aids in persuading customers to carry out a particular task. This task may include buying or trying the products and services provided, to form a brand image, develop a favorable attitude towards the brand, and lots more.

To Remind

Reminding us also an objective of advertising. It is to reinforce the brand message and to reassure the existing and potential customers about the brand’s vision. It also helps the brand to maintain top of mind awareness and to safeguard against competitors stealing the customers.

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