Some people have an eye for the neat environment, for them, everything must be kept in their right place looking professional at all times. Such people hardly find restaurants that suit their taste. If you’re in that category then I want to introduce you to Panera Bread.PANERA BREAD HOURS OF OPERATION AND SURVEY

Panera Bread is one of the most amazing bakery-café restaurant themed eateries that are loved by many. Their restaurant has a nice ambiance and formal setting. There are times when one wants to enjoy a relaxing meal in a professional environment with friends to relax a little bit then the best place to check in is Panera Bread.

You just need to walk into their restaurant and have a great meal with the dishes prepared by some of the best chefs working at their restaurants only to please their customers.

It is also alright if you have kids with you, Panera Breads knows how to make them happy as well, they provide special deals for the children with special gaming zones for the kids present at some of their branches.

Quality comes with a price, the food that Panera Bread is providing is a little bit more expensive than others but if you want a quality time food than you have to spend a little more. But at the end of the day, you will be really satisfied.

Panera Bread formally is known as St. Louis Bread was founded in 1987 by Ken Rosenthal, Ronald M. Shaich and Louis Kane at Kirkwood, Missouri, United States.

Panera Bread first used to offer bakery items only and worked as a bakery café but later it transformed itself into a restaurant and now the bakery-café themed restaurant has covered areas all across the United States and has more than 1800 branches operating successfully. Headquarter of Panera Bread is located in Sunset Hills, Missouri, United States. The restaurant chain specializes in offering many types of slices of bread you can’t find elsewhere.

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Apart from preparing many different kinds of bread, Panera Bread also creates many more types of food for the meals of their customers that are finger licking good and tastes in terms of flavor, the way you will never forget and always want to have more. There are numerous foods offered by the Panera Breads but some of their best foods are listed below:

  • Some of the best-flavored sandwiches offered by the Panera Breads are Bacon Turkey Bravo, Italian Combo, Roasted Turkey Avocado and Fontina grilled cheese. These sandwich burgers will surely make up your meal.
  • A variety of pasta is served at the Panera Breads that include Pesto Sacchettini, Chicken tortellini Alfredo and Mac and Cheese pasta that is so awesome that you just have to try if you are a pasta lover.
  • Strawberry Poppyseed salad is the best salad to start your meal with at the Panera Bread restaurant.
  • The bread offered by the Panera Breads that are so popular are Classic, Greek, and Caesar.
  • A variety of different delicious soups are offered at the Panera Breads and some of the most loves soups by the people are Creamy tomato soup which will surely cheer up your mood, Broccoli Cheddar soup will be loved by you even if you don’t like broccoli and Vegetarian Summer Corn Chowder soup is a kind of soup that will make you feel deeply in love with it.

Panera Bread


Panera Bread Hours | What time does Panera open/close – 2022 › panera-bread-hours-ope…

Panera Bread franchise owners can decide their own opening hours, but around 75% of the Panera Cafes are open as follows: Panera Bread Opening Hours – Typical.

Panera Bread Customer Satisfaction Survey – Readsurvey › www-panerafood-com-p…

You are invited to visit to take the Panera Bread Customer Satisfaction Survey to show your feedback and get a redemption code which can

Panera Bread Survey At – $2000 gift card! › panera-bread-survey-www-pan…

Panera Bread, An American bakery–cafe causal restaurant is asking you to rate their customer services and foods by visiting the Survey … – Panera Bread Customer Survey › www-paneralistens-com-pa…

Usually, I’m very satisfied with my Panera bread service, except for the last time I purchased a loaf of bread. I requested an extra-large sourdough loaf sliced


It is really important that you keep on checking the Panera Bread hours of service before checking in there without any knowledge on their timings. There are different timings of the café on different days so you have to be more careful to remember the Panera Bread hours for offering their services for all the days to avail the chance of having a good experience with them. As they are providing their customers with bread for breakfast so they keep this in mind and open their stores at:

  • 6 AM – 8 PM Monday to Thursday
  • 6 AM – 10 PM Friday and Saturday
  • 30 AM – 10 PM On Sunday.


The views of the customers are really important for the Panera Breads to move forward up the ladder of success and remain on top. To be successful in the business race against your competitors, it is important to hear what your customers have to say about you rather than making assumptions. It is the customer who will let you know whether you are doing your job right or not. To find their views easily, the survey is the best option. That is why Panera Bread conducted a survey to gather the customer’s opinions.

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  • You need to an internet-enabled device to access the survey questionnaire on the website.
  • You need to be a citizen of United States or Ontario, Canada.
  • You must be 18 years old or above to attempt the survey questionnaire of the Panera Bread.
  • You must have a receipt of the Panera Bread when you visited it.


  • Visit the website to locate the survey questionnaire on the internet.
  • Enter the Bakery-cafe number in the given area on the website, exactly as it is printed on your receipt.
  • Follow the instructions and answer the questions on the survey questionnaire.
  • You have now gained access to the survey questionnaire completely.
  • Don’t forget to give your feedback according to your experience at the Panera Breads.

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