Are you a lover of Italian dishes? Are you searching for a restaurant to host some friends on some delicious Italian dishes? Then head over to Olive Garden for your fresh delicious Italian dishes and flavor like you’ve never had it.

Olive Garden was founded in 1982 by Bill Darden at Orlando, Florida, United States. Headquarter of Olive Garden is situated in Orlando, Florida, United States as well. Olive Garden is operating in more than 822 restaurants globally. It is basically a casual dining restaurant chain that is providing its customers food in Italian flavors that are absolutely loved by many.

It is the largest Italian restaurants food chain across the United States. Olive Garden specializes in offering their customers, their own recipes instead of the same fast food that is offered by all the restaurants of the world. So their food is really special and can’t be found anywhere else. Let’s take a look at their menu.


If you haven’t tasted Olive Garden’s food yet you should give it a trial. There are many recipes that are invented by Olive Garden itself and have combined all the amazing flavors together in it so their customers enjoy every bite of the food that they have been provided by the Olive Gardens. Some of the great foods you will find on their menu is as follows:

  • The most leading food item and most loved by the customers is Piadina that is in the form of a taco but much more than a single taco where bread is filled with Italian flavored cooked chicken with overloading cheese.
  • Another most loved food item they offer is sandwich breadstick that is just amazing and loaded with flavors people like the most and it’s all beautiful from the outside as well.
  • Artichoke Fritti is an Italian dish resembling with nuggets but not nuggets as they are fried with a controlled amount of oil and with a coat of egg so it may consume very less oil, making it light to eat and less greasy and is exclusively offered to the customers by Olive Garden.
  • Italian grilled lasagna is one of the best-cooked lasagnas that is just pretty delightful to eat.
  • If you are a chicken lover, then you will love their Garlic Rosemary Chicken because Olive Garden makes some of that which possess definitely finger licking delicious taste.
  • There are a number of vines that you will find at the Olive Garden restaurants including some of them which are people’s love including red vine.
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The customers always ask about the Olive Garden Hours of dining because they really want to enjoy Italian food here regardless of the time of lunch or dinner. Olive Garden with true respect for the love of the customers opens the restaurant officially at 11 AM and closes 10 PM at night. These timings may differ from location to location. The restaurant remains open all 7 days in a week so their customers may enjoy the food all the time.


Olive Garden is really concerned about the views of their customers, so they always try to give their best in all kinds of services they offer. They also like to hear what their customers have to say about them that is why they conducted a survey among their customers to gather their opinions about their services. By so doing, they will be able to find out what areas they have to focus more to make their customers happy. A survey helps in analyzing the gap between what a company is currently providing their customers and what they should provide to be at the level of perfection.

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  • You need the internet to locate the survey questionnaire online.
  • You must be a citizen of United States.
  • You must be 18 years old or above to answer the questionnaire.


  • Visit the website www.olivegardensurvey.com.
  • Enter the ID number that is located at the center of your receipt.
  • You have now accessed the survey questionnaire.
  • Answer all the questions of the survey questionnaire and give your feedback.

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