Domino’s is a chain of fast-food restaurants having its branches all across the world and serving people with some of the best pizza’s they can ever taste. Domino’s was founded almost about 56 years ago by Tom Monaghan and James Monaghan at Ypsilanti, Michigan, the United States almost 56 years ago.

Since then the business has grown and flourished at a speed no one expected until now it’s one of the most recognizable fast-food chain all over the world. There are 11,700 branches being operated in 75 countries.

When it comes to Pizza making, Domino sets the pace. They make the best pizza in a unique style enjoyed by many. It’s prepared to suit the taste of various people whether vegetarian or meat-eater; for adults and children alike. You just have to taste their pizza if not for the love of one then try it out of curiosity and you will be amazed.

Domino chiefs make sure that you get what you want because they work only to please their customers whether you enjoy it served hot or with a cheese-topped perfect pizza.


You will surely find some of the most amazing flavors of the world in the pizzas being offered at the Domino’s. It’s not just the ingredients that make the food they offer so special but the love, the employees have in their hearts for the customers that visit them so they try to offer the best of their services and prepare the finest food for them to make their meal very special. Some of the most amazing pizza on their menu include:

  • One of the most delicious pizzas offered by Domino’s is Pepperoni pizza.
  • If you like the taste of the garlic than you must try cheesy garlic pizza. This is a kind of pizza you will simply fell in love with.
  • A mixture of Italian flavors that will surely make your meal and will be loved by you is Italian pizza that is offered here and is the most demanded pizza by the customers of Domino’
  • If you are a chicken lover and you like to eat the pizza as well then you must try the funky chicken pizza. This is a mouth-watery irresistible pizza.
  • If you like barb q flavors than Domino’s provides its customers with a touch of bacon in the chicken barb q and prepares all these flavors in the form of a pizza.
  • Domino’s also provided freshly baked garlic bread at their restaurants as a side dish for their valued customers.
  • One of the side dish that will surely be loved by you and all of those who will taste it is Chipotle Chicken Kickers. Most children love it more than the pizza offered by the Domino’
  • A variety of desserts are also offered at Domino’s from which the best tasted are Choco Lava cake, Choco Fudge Brownies and Donut Bites with Chocolate syrup.
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To avail such overly best-tasted food from the Domino’s, all customers need to do is to make sure that they are aware of Domino’s Pizza hours of dining before visiting their restaurants. Domino’s Hours Of Operation will give you better tips on when to visit.

The official time for opening the Domino’s is 10 AM and as they know that most of the fast-food lovers stay up late and require a good hot pizza treat at night so it closes at 1 AM at night. The restaurant remains open all 7 days of the week on customers demand Domino’s pizzas. This timing may differ from country to country.

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It’s one thing to be successful and it’s another thing to remain so. In order to sustain this position, Domino has made it a point of duty to get feedback from its customers through a survey. So they hear from their customers and act upon their advice to achieve success and attain a lead from their competitors. This survey will help them distinguish their weak points.

To run a successful business, you must give importance to what your customers have in their views about you. The only way to be successful is to consider their opinions and try to make the customer’s next visit to your restaurant better than the previous visit. The survey is the best way to collect information about the opinions your customer’s possessed about you.

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  • You must have an internet device to access the online survey questionnaire.
  • You must be the United States and Republic of Ireland residents only.
  • You must be 18 years old or above attempt the online survey questionnaire.
  • You must have a receipt from the Domino’s Pizzas restaurant.


  • You should visit the website to access the survey questionnaire.
  • Enter the Store number printed on the receipt of the Domino’s restaurant.
  • Enter the date and time when you have visited the restaurant and that is also printed on your receipt.
  • You must also enter the total amount that you have paid at the restaurant.
  • You have officially accessed the survey now. Answers all the questions of the survey and also give your valued feedback.

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