Some people crave for red meat while many prefer white meat most especially chicken. This is why so many fast foods focus on chicken and prepare varieties with it. A few ventures into serving red meat such as beef in ways that will capture people’s interest.

Do you want to taste something different? With amazing flavors that will burst your bubbles. Then you need to visit Arby’s. The only restaurant that is offering beef made fast food items with excellence. Arby’s restaurant is a fast food chain across the United States providing beef lovers something they should really taste.

It was founded in 23rd of July, 1964 by Forest Raffel and Leroy Raffel at Boardman, Ohio, United States. Headquarter of Arby’s is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States. Arby’s is the second largest quick-service sandwich chain that is offering their customer’s some of the world’s best sandwiches that you may never find at any other restaurant.

There are more than 3,400 branches situates in the United States as well as some of the branches in Canada, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Arby’s provide its customers with the most amazingly prepared beef items that beef lovers consider Arby’s their first choice when it comes to having a good meal. Their meals create a lasting impression.


Arby’s is one of the quick service fast food that provides the best quality cooked beef is loved by many. There are a variety of tastes offered by the Arby’s that may take you to a whole new world of flavors. Some of the great dishes on Arby’s  menu are as follows:

  • One of the Best beef made the sandwich burger is Brisket. A burger that you will always want to have more.
  • You may also find a variety of chicken burgers at the Arby’s that offers the most delicious Chicken Bacon Swiss sandwich that is just finger licking food in terms of taste.
  • Arby’s offer their customers with Angus three cheese and Bacon Burger that is very delicious and is demanded by the customers, the most.
  • The most beautiful presented sandwich at Arby’s is corned beef Reuben sandwich. Which is as good in taste as it is in terms of its looks.
  • A very tasty Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich is offered by the Arby’s that you must try once in your lifetime.
  • If you are a cheese lover then you must try Jr. Ham and Cheddar burger which is not heavy at all and is filled with cheese.
  • The lovers of fresh salads may check out the Roasted Turkey Farmhouse and Crispy chicken Farmhouse salads and they will surely fell in love with the freshness of the flavors that the loaded with awesome flavors.
  • Arby’s provide special foods for the kids as well which contains loaded curly fries, Mozzarella sticks, Steakhouse onion rings and potato cakes.


The customers may want to get information about the Arby’s restaurant opening hours before directly visiting it. The official opening time for the restaurants is 9 AM in the morning until 12 AM at night. They serve some quality food and their services to their customers 15 hours a day. Arby’s remains open all seven days in a week because according to them satisfying their customers and pleasing them is the most important thing of all.


At every point in time, it’s very important to know what your customers feel about your services. This can make or mar your future. It is the only way to be successful in the business world. You need to ensure your customers are satified so they may build good views about you and thus you become successful. A survey was conducted by the Arby’s to check their own reputation in the opinion of their customers.


  • You must have the internet to access the online survey.
  • You must be 18 years old or above to attempt the survey.
  • You must be a legal resident of United States.
  • You must not be an employee or manager of the Arby’
  • You must have a receipt from the restaurant.


  • Visit the website
  • Enter the store number that is printed on your receipt.
  • Enter the time and date of your visit to the restaurant.
  • You have now accessed the survey questionnaire.
  • Answer all the questions of the survey according to your experience at the restaurant.
  • Give your valuable feedback at the end.


A survey can help a dying company know exactly what they’re doing wrong and make changes that will revive it again. It’s one of the best tools used to gather information from your customers and feedback as well. The information collected will also help in getting to know how well a company is performing and how satisfied the customers are with their services