Comdata Login: How To Login To Your Comdata Account On Mobile And PC

COMDATA LOGIN: Have you ever wondered how you can be able to solve a lot of financial problems like payment of employees on time, making virtual payments online etc? Well, wonder no more; with comdata your problems are solved.

Comdata is a company that deals in issuing of paycard or electronic payroll cards, fleet fuel cards and corporate spend cards. Comdata has been in business for almost 50 years and has proven its capability as one of the best in providing financial solutions.

This payment processing company helps with a lot of services such as virtual payments and even trucking permits, with comdata payments of employees have become easier, safer and punctual.

Comdata cards can also be used by a company to make purchases, it can also be used to pay vendors and even enables an employer to track his/her payroll and as well as keep tabs on your employer.

Comdata is available on mobile making it easy for you to access your account anytime and anywhere without affecting your mobility. That is comdata is available on your mobile devices like your smartphones and tablets.

Comdata is used by thousands of Americans and can be accessed by anyone who has the account comdata card. To login to comdata you have to provide the required details as they are specified on your comdata card. To register into comdata login you need an activated comdata card.

To activate your comdata card the following steps will guide you:

  • Call comdata cardholder services on this number 18882658228
  • You will be asked to produce your paycard number, activation code which normally includes your employee number, phone number or date of birth, also requested will be access code and full name to verify.
  • This process can also be completed online at


For comdata login using PC first:

  • Open a default browser and enter the address
  • Secondly, type your username into the username box and after that input your comdata password on the second page
  • Login to your comdata account by clicking the login button
  • In future logins if you have forgotten your password simply click on the “forgot password” button to retrieve your password


The steps used to login to comdata account on mobile is similar to that of PC:

  • The first step involves opening the link https://w6iconne using the mobile browser
  • On the page that will appear, input your comdata username in the first box and the comdata password in the second
  • Next, click on login to get access into your comdata account.