Boost Mobile My Account: Shrink Your Mobile Bills Using Boost Mobile Shrinkage

Boost Mobile My Account: Shrink Your Mobile Bills Using Boost Mobile Shrinkage

Do you know you can get your payments shrunk just by paying on time and being loyal to a brand? Boost Mobile Shrinkage, under Sprint Brands, is offering a prepaid contract that gets cheaper if you pay your bill in a timely manner, with no obligations whatsoever. It is called Boost Mobile My Account.

It is the very reliable service provider you can trust, they offer phones and services without long contracts. The plan was introduced in October 2010, and it is the service where the longer you stay, the less you pay because it shrinks the bill from time to time to $35. It provides an amazing service to Sprint’s users Nationwide. It also provides handsets to the users of different International Brands like Motorola and Samsung, etc.

Boost Mobile Shrinkage: Boost Mobile My Account

Boost Mobile Shrinkage is an innovative strategy to convert annual contract mobile phone subscribers to a prepaid plan. When you have enrolled to Boost Mobile Shrinkage after paying six billing months, deductions happen on the bill. $5 deducts are done after a 6 billing cycle, but it goes much lower than that after 18 payments, and as a result, you can receive a significant amount of discount. Shrinkage only works on android and blackberry devices.

If you like the idea, then you should subscribe to a month to month plan, and it works with the unlimited plan. To make sure discounts are applied, make your payment via the internet through debit card, credit card, or over the telephone.

If you encounter any issues in getting the discounts, it may be due to unreliable network service. This Plan also supports Boost Mobile My Account Wallet, which allows free domestic and International money transfers. Boost Mobile My Account is a plan for those who pay their bills timely, and now they will get rewarded for it.

Customers subscribing to this plan will see their bill shrink to $50 for the first 6 months, $45 for 6-12 months, $40 for 13-18 months and then $35 for 18+ months. It also applies to blackberry from $60 first, then $55, then $50 and $45 after 6, 12 and 18 months respectively. If you delay at times in making your payment, don’t worry there is still something for you: if one pays timely payments for 4 months and did late payment on the 5th month and then makes a timely payment you will receive the shrinkage after the 7th month.

Boost mobile also does not penalize for late payments, it is up to you when you start doing your saving. This type of shrinkage is the first of its type because it is always in mind that Bills are a constant liability, and they usually increase rather than decrease. But here for the first time, this service is introduced in two countries; The United States of America and Australia.

Boost Mobile My Account:

After Boost announced its shrinkage plan, many other companies are also trying to compete, but the unlimited plans offered by Boost Mobile are the best as compared to others.

In this recession where money is draining from people’s paychecks, it’s good to see some prices are going down.  Sprint Network is growing fast after the update in the network many new customers are joining the Sprint family as it is providing the services more efficiently.